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Construction Drawings Vocab.


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civil plans
Construction plans that have to do with construction in or on earth.
structural plans
Set of plans used to support the architectural design of a building. For example, it tells the builders what material is to be used for the walls.
sheet title
Located in the Title Block, it identifies the project.
Like a map, construction drawings use a ______ to help the reader know what the lines and symbols mean.
To save space, what lines are used to show that only part of an object is represented on the drawing?
section cuts
In the alphabet of lines, what area is not included int he cutting view?
Like a map, ______ are used to make it easy to find specific locations on the plan
Dimensions are written as a _____.
An engineers scale is based on units of ____.
10 feet
On an engineers scale, if one inch = 20 feet, how much would half inch be equal to? _____
Which set of construction plans show the mechanical systems such as motors?
What is the name of the drawing that shows the path of electricity in a system?