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Quizlet with Bloom's

This deck showcases how you can use Quizlet at each level of Bloom's across the curriculum. Quizlet decks can include facts, definitions, dates, etc... Use Revised Bloom's Question Stems for reference/support: http://tpri.wikispaces.com/file/view/05-2Bloom-16-17+Stems+for+Instruction.pdf

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Prompt students to articulate the order of events, recall which happened before or after another, or cite which statements are true and which are false.
Prompt students to restate the information in their own words, cite which info is a fact or opinion, give an example of a definition, or illustrate an event or topic.
Prompt students to make a prediction based on the events, cite another instance, group the words by characteristics, or develop a set of instructions (Snapguide) to support the information.
Prompt students to explain the function of an element, make conclusions, describe motives and assumptions of a character based on facts or quotes, or include possible outcomes.
Prompt students to find errors, defend a position, cite pros and cons, and develop alternatives.
Prompt students to develop a proposal, create a possible solution, or devise their own way to showcase the information.