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  1. Marie of Champagne
  2. cardinal
  3. Gothic
  4. Cistercian order
  5. Holy Land
  1. a leading bishops who chose the future popes
  2. b order founded in 1098 who vowed to built their monasteries only in the wilderness, their movement led to clearing of forests and creation of farm fields
  3. c Jerusalem and the cities where Jesus was, it was the holy land for Roman Catholics and the popes wanted it recaptured; The biblical region of Palestine.
  4. d made love subject of study like law or logic and she made the Court of Love daughter of Elenor of Aquitaine
  5. e a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries; characterized by slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by vaulting and pointed arches developed by Suger

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  1. capital of the Byzantine empire which was sacked during the Foruth Crusade and was controlled by the crusaders for 57 years
  2. written by Thomas Aquinas and in the book he attempted to answer 631 philosophical questions about God and the universe
  3. a military expedition to recover Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks
  4. a group of people sworn to give a verdict based on evidence in a court of law; in medival England usually 12 neighbors who answered questions about the facts of a case for the royal judge
  5. In Middle ages composed of people who were neither peasants or nobles but townspeople

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  1. Inquisitionorganization of experts whose job was to find and judge heretics


  2. William the ConquerorEnglish king who went to the kings crusade to recapture Jerusalem fought with Saladin but respected him, in the end they came to an agreement


  3. Harold Godwinsonleading bishops who chose the future popes


  4. chivalrya code of ideals demanding that a knight aid the poor, defend the weak, and fight bravely for his three masters: his earthly feudal lord, his heavenly Lord, and his chosen lady


  5. journeymanmock battles between knights