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  1. Holy Land
  2. friar
  3. heresy
  4. Hugh Capet
  5. Jerusalem
  1. a Holy city for Jews, Muslims, and Catholics. It was undle the Turks control but it was recaptured during the First Crusade and after lost again
  2. b Jerusalem and the cities where Jesus was, it was the holy land for Roman Catholics and the popes wanted it recaptured; The biblical region of Palestine.
  3. c undistinguished Duke from the middle of France, began the capetian dinasty and chosen as the king, he was controlled by feudal lords of france
  4. d religious beliefs or opinions that were were different from the dogma of the church
  5. e a member of the Roman Catholic Church who takes the same vows as a monk but travels around preaching instead of living in a monastery

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  1. Muslim conqueror who recaptured Jerusalem after its capture by the First Crusade. Fought Richard the Lionheart and they came to an agreement
  2. leading bishops who chose the future popes
  3. the alliance of the pope and italian merchants to stop Fredrick Barbarossa
  4. English king who went to the kings crusade to recapture Jerusalem fought with Saladin but respected him, in the end they came to an agreement
  5. mock battles between knights

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  1. Constantinoplecapital of the Byzantine empire which was sacked during the Foruth Crusade and was controlled by the crusaders for 57 years


  2. jurya group of people sworn to give a verdict based on evidence in a court of law; in medival England usually 12 neighbors who answered questions about the facts of a case for the royal judge


  3. Byzantine empireGerman-italian empire at first called, Roman Empire of the German Nations, Otto's empire


  4. Urban IIpope who claimed to be the leader of all Christendom, wanted to reunite Byzantine and Roman Christians, made the First Crusade


  5. Gothicthe popes staff and advisors, supplied the pope with information, advice, and carried out decisions


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