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Each of the following bones is part of the pelvic girdle, except the:


Mary fractured her pisiform bone in a fall. What part of her body was injured?


Sinuses are found in all of the following bones, except the:


The eleventh and twelfth ribs are called floating ribs because they lack:

an anterior attachment to the sternum.

The foramen magnum would be found in the ______ bone.


The olecranon process would be found on the:


What would you find located in the lacrimal fossa?

The lacrimal sac

When standing normally, most of your weight is transmitted to the ground by the:

talus and calcaneus.

Which of the following bones would most likely be involved in surgery to remove a tumor on the pituitary gland?

The sella turcica of the sphenoid bone

Which of the following is NOT a part of the axial division of the skeletal system?

Pectoral girdle

Which of the following is the heel bone?


The crista galli is a projection from which bone?


At its distal end the femur articulates with the:


A common injury in the winter is a fall in which someone hits the back of his or her head on the ice. What bone is most likely to be involved in this type of fall?


How many regions of the vertebral column are there?


Sutures connect all the bones of the skull, except the:


The "calvaria" of the skull is another name for the:

cranial vault.

The frontal sinuses are located:

lateral to the glabella.

Which of the following cranial bones receive the condyle of the mandible?

the temporal bone

Which of the following sinuses is in high risk of infection spreading from the middle ear?

The mastoid sinuses

Which of the following sutures is most likely to contain sutural bones?

The lambdoid suture

Where would a dentist inject lidocaine to prevent pain in the lower teeth?

The mandibular foramen

In a(n) ____________ the vertebral column is formed from 33 separate bones.


Which of the following spinal deformities is quite common during late childhood in females?


C7 is referred to as the "vertebra prominens" because:

its spinous process can be seen through the skin.

The pectoral girdle does not quite satisfy the features of a true girdle because:

posteriorly the medial ends of the scapulae do not join each other.

The jugular notch on the sternum is:

in line with the second and third thoracic vertebra where the left common carotid artery is issued from the aorta.

When a person attempts to break their fall with an outstretched hand, they often wind up with ________.

a Colles' fracture.

All of the following could lead to "flat feet," except:

wearing shoes with arch support.

Which of the following is the most common congenital abnormality of the appendicular skeleton?

Dysplasia of the hip

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