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cantankerous (adjective)

having a difficult, uncooperative, or stubborn disposition

captious (adjective)

marked by the tendency to point out trivial faults; intended to confuse in an argument

cataclysmic (adjective)

severely destructive

catalyst (noun)

something that provokes or speeds up significant change, especially without being affected by the consequences

caucus (noun)

a closed committee within a political party; a private committee meeting

caustic (adjective)

biting, sarcastic

cede (verb)

to surrender possession of something

celerity (noun)

speed, haste

censorious (adjective)

critical; tending to blame and condemn

certitude (noun)

assurance, freedom from doubt

cessation (noun)

a temporary or complete halt

chary (adjective)

watchful, cautious; extremely shy

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