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who discovered defense mechanisms in 1894


____are used to buy us time in regards to dealing with out problems

defense mechanisms

in regards to the study of adaptation what is the motivational value of felt experience


in regards to the study of adaptation what is the absorbed culture/ rules you play or watch over behavior with


in regards to the study of adaptation what is the umpire, executve, gyroscope that balances what you should be doing vs what feels good like going to class or not


what is responsible for balancing culture, cherished people, reality, and ID


when you become rigid and do the same thing all the time this is known as what


in life everyone has problems but what matters is what

how you react to your problems

when there is change in your life what is your first reaction

cope if you can

when there is change in your life and you realize that coping does not work what is your next resort

defend yourself

when there is a change in your life and defending yourself is not working what mechanism is next

withdraw, run away

when there is a change in your life and you are not able to run away what is your next move

move to holing environment-hospital, gang, milatary

when there is a change in your life and you feel you have exhausted all of your options what do you do

fragment if overwhelmed/breakdown

explain how a crisis is a dangerours opportunity

it might take more resources than you have to overcome
but it is still a chance to overcome

what serves as adaptive process that deals with the demands of internally or externally caused disequilibrium


what is a conscious mechanismtm that solves the problem and allows the person to deal with greater displeasures later in life


what is it called when you say im dumb but your dumber

optimisitc comparison

what is it called when you day even the last person in the class is still a dr

restricted expectations

what are homeostatic mechanisms that people use to handle sudden change that gives more time to adapt and safe guards self esteem

defense mechanisms

what happens when you strip a patient of their defense mechanisms


defense mechanisms are____ (conscious/unconscious) while coping is _____(conscious/unconscious)


can defense mechanisms or coping be taught and learned


a defense mechanims is ok____(short term/long term)but distorts reality when it is(short term/long term)____

short term
long term

when you cut your hand what is the defense mechanism

unconscious clotting

when you cut your hand what is the defense mechanims

conscious putting on bandaid

which form of defense mechanisms involves the ability to seperate ideas from feelings and one idea from another


within the discrimination defense mechanism what is the intolerance of ambiguity


within the discrimination defense mechanism what is when you divide the problem into good or bad but dont really deal with the object


which defense mechanism is being described where a patient felt the doctor was god now the doctor comes late so the patient feels the doc is horrible...they only see black and white


what is the function of splitting where you wall off certain experiences and do not think about them


what involves the temporary but drastic modification of ones character to avoid emotinoal disasters


what is a dissociative identy disorder where a person displays multpiple distinct indentities and personalities

mutliple personality

when a little boy is geting abused by his uncle he creares another world to go to to avoid dealing with the issue this describes what component of defense mechanisms

multiple personality

in which defense mechanims does the most splitting occur

Multiple personality

which defense mechanims allows you to analyze without inhibitions


which defense mechanism is used most by medical students


what component of the detachment defense mechanism involves retreating from feelings by using abstract concepts


in which defense mechanism does a patient lecture her family and friends about her serious heart condition like nothing is wrong with her


which defense mechanims involves turning off your feelings


what will you lose if you turn off your feelings too much

lose empathy

which defense mechanims involves allowing one to analyze experiences, causes, and outcomes

means end symbolization

which component of the meand end symbolization defense mechanism allows one to offer reasonable excuses to hide unsavory motives like


what defense mechanism involves saying i fuked the girl becaue i was drunk


what is the aim of rationalization

self justification

what component of the means end symbolization involves justify irrational or unacceptable behaviro by logical explanation or convincing fallacy


which defense mechanism allows allows indecision until information can be gathered

delayed response

which component of the delayed response defense mechanism allows procrastination until circumstances make the choice

doubt and indecsion

which defense mechanism involves a person living with their parents at 30 and has no plans of moving out

delayed response

which defense mechanism involves waiting till the last minute to do a paper and getting a c

doubt and indecision

which defense mechanism involves ocd and checking 100 times if the oven is off

delayed response- doubt and indecisoin

which defense mechanism allows the individual to focus their attention

selective awareness

which component of the selective awareness defense mechanism allows one to avoid painful information


which defense mechanism is when a doctor informs the patient they have three months to live and the patient says you must have me confused with someone else

selective awareness- denial

which defense mechanism involves seeing but refusing to acknowledge like an alchoholic who feels he has no problem

selective awareness- denial

which defense mechanism involves allowing one to recognize the unexpected


which component of the sensitivity defense mechanims involves casting your bad traits onto others


which defense mechanism involves a fag liking another man but knows its against moral beliefs so in their mind they make up the idea that anoter man likes them


which defense mechanism has the most dangerous psych patients


which defense mechanism involves paranoia and the belief people are out to get you


what defense mechanims involves what i see bad in myself i put into someone else


what defense mechanism is involved when a med student fails then critizes the school faculty


which defense mechanism involves recapturing past experiences

time reversal

which component of the time reversal defense mechanism involves one resorting to earlier patterns of adaptation or childish behavior to avoid conflct and get out of responsibility


which defense mechanism involves a grown man going home to his mom after a figt with his wife

time reveral-regression

which defense mechanism involves wild childish behavior at a bachelor party

time reveral-regression

anorexic behavoir is associated with which defense mechanism

time reveral-regression

which defense mechanism involves one changiing the goal of a need

impulse diversion

which defense mechanism involves getting mad at professor but kicking wall

impulse diversion-displacement

which part of the impulse diversion defense mechanism involves shifting responsiblity for ones fobiles by redirecting emotion from its object to another object


which defense mechanis involves phobias and sexualize children

impulse diversion-displacement

which defense mechanism involves a man not wanting to go to work with his job being across the bridge and so he says he is scared of bridges and cant work

impulse diversion-displacement

which defence mechanims involves allowing one to reverse unacceptable impulses

impulse transformation

which component of impulse transformation defense mechanism involves turning unacceptable wishes and feelings into opposite behaviors

reaction formation

which defense mechanism involves a women having a baby after she didnt want to get pregnant overloving the child to hide the resent

impulse transformation-reaction formation

smother love, killing with kindness, and shy people becoming exhibitionist are evamples of which defense mechanism

impulse transformation- reaction formation

which defense mechanism allows one to control impulses

impulse restraint

which component of the impulse restraint defene mechanims involves banishing threatening informatino ideas and feeling to the unconscious


which defense mechanism involves forgetting something unpleasant by putting it into the unconscious

impulse restraint-repression

in which defense mechanism your mom makes you angry but you cant hit her so you hit your brother


does repression or denial affect internal


does repression or denail affect external


does repression or denial see and reject


does repression or denial not even see


in which defense mechanism does a man who cant get sex from his girl physically abuse a child

impulse diversion-displacement

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