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Gold Rush Trivia

On what date was gold discovered in California?
January 24, 1848
Where was gold discovered?
In the American River in Coloma
Who is credited with discovering gold?
James Marshall
What was Mr. Marshall's occupation?
He was a carpenter.
What are some of the properties of gold?
It is soft, easy to work with, and does not tarnish.
How is gold different from silver?
Gold is heavier, does not tarnish, and is more valuable.
Who was president when gold was discovered?
President James K. Polk
Why were gold miners called "49ers?"
Because they rushed to California in 1849.
What were the 3 main routes to get to California?
Overland, around Cape Horn, and across the Isthmus of Panama
What is the Strait of Magellan?
It is a dangerous short cut through Cape Horn.
What does terra del feugo mean?
Land of fire.
What are 3 methods of gold mining?
Panning, using a rocker or long tom, and hydraulic mining.
What is mining called that sinks deep shafts into the ground?
Coyote mining
Who was Levi Strauss?
A tailor who made heavy duty work pants for miners. We call them jeans.
What are 3 names of miners' camps?
Hangtown, Angel Camp, Rattlesnake Diggings, Git Up and Git, Old Dry Diggings.
What method of mining was banned because it was harmful to the environment?
Hydraulic mining
What was another nickname for a gold miner.
What happened to the Native American population as a result of the gold rush?
It decreased because they were either pushed off their land or killed.
What 3 things happened to California because of the gold rush?
The population increased, prices of goods increased, and California eventually became a state.
Who was John Sutter?
A businessman who employed James Marshall to build a sawmill.
What is the Spanish word for gold?
What was the fastest way to get to California during the gold rush?
To take the Isthmus of Panama route.
What did some Chinese men do to make money in the gold fields?
They planted vegetables and sold them to the miners.
After the gold rush what did the miners do?
Some stayed in California to start new businesses, some became farmers, others went back home.