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To Kill a Mockingbird Ch 4-6

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What does Scout think of current fashions in education?
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Dill, Jem, and Scout participate in a re-enactment of Boo's life, including Mr. and Mrs. Radley. I don't think this game is an accurate version of the Radley's life story because many of the things the children portrayed are most likely gossip and legend,and aside from the Radleys, the town cannot be sure of the true story.
Miss Maudie was an older widow woman that truly loved nature. Sometimes she looked very casual and even somewhat masculine (gardening), while other times she was clean and regal. She was very passionate about gardening. She allowed the children to socialize and play on her own property, with several guidelines. Maudie would even bake for the children and site with them; she was a loyal woman.
When Miss Maudie says Mr. Radley is a "foot-washing Baptist," she meant that Mr. Radley is the kind of man that thinks "anything that's pleasure is a sin." She meant that Mr. Radley isn't a man of participating in pleasurable hobbies and entertainment, but rather focused on remaining grounded and God-fearing.
When Miss Maudie says that the Radley house is a "sad house," she meant that a while ago, Boo Radley was kind, warm, friendly, and open and now, the community is unsure of the Radley- family happenings. Boo is probably socially crazed now, after multiple years and hours of such social confinement.