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acomstumbrarse a

to become accustomed to

alcanzar a

to succeed in

animar(se) a

to feel encouraged to

aprender a

to learn to

apresurarse a

to hurry to

arriesgarse a

to expose oneself to danger

aspirar a

to aspire to


to dare to

ayudar a

to help to

comenzar a

to begin to

comprometerse a

to commit oneself to

convidar a

to invite to

decidirse a

to decide to

dedicarse a

to devote oneself to

desafiar a

to dare to

detenerse a

to pause to


to resolve to


to get ready to

echarse a

to begin to

empezar a

to begin to

ensenar a

to teach to

exponerse a

to run the risk of

inclinarse a

to be inclined to

inspirar a

to inspire to

invitar a

to invite to

ir a

to go to

limitarse a

to limit oneself to

llegar a

to come to

meterse a

to begin in

negarse a

to refuse to

obligar a

to oblige to

ofrecerse a

to volunteer to, to offer to

oponerse a

to be opposed to

pararse a

to stop to

ponerse a

to begin to

principiar a

to begin to

quedarse a

to remain to

regresar a

to return to

renunciar a

to give up, to renounce

resignarse a

to resign oneself to

resistirse a

to oppose, to resist

resolverse a

to make up one's mind to

romper a

to start, to burst out

salir a

to go out to

sentarse a

to sit down to

venir a

to come to

volver a

to do again, to return to

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