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Mind/Body Problem

Philosophy Exam 3
Mind & Body interact in some way. PROBLEM:doesn't solve M/B problem, just restates it.
for every physical state there exist a corresponding mental state, but there is no causal relationship between them. PROBLEM: How do you account for the relationship.
Pre-Established Harmony
physical state have been pre-ordained by God to correspond with appropriate mental state. PROBLEM: No free will, God is author of evil.
on the occasion of physical stimuli God creates the appropriate mental state. PROBLEM: God still in control M/S.
mind is an emergent property of the brain; brain can cause mind but not vice versa; mental state are a by-product of physical state. PROBLEM: willful actions.
only one substance exists: Mental
no brain, just mind
no physical state, just mental state: ideas
All that exists is mind and ideas.
Only one substance exists: Matter
No mind, just brain
No mental state, just physical state