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quā dē causā

for this reason

comparō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus

to buy, obtain, get ready

holus, holeris, n.


pānis, pānis, gen. pl. pānium, m.


pullus, -ī, m.


ōvum, -ī, n.



prep. + acc. around

pulcherrimus, -a, -um

most/very beautiful

rēgnum, -ī, n.


īnferī, -ōrum, m. pl.

the underworld

candēlābrum, -ī, n.

candelabrum, lamp-stand


by chance, accidentally

oleum, -ī, n.


strātum, -ī, n.

sheet, covering

ignis, ignis, gen. pl. ignium. m.


pallium, -ī, n.


Bonō animo es!/este!

Be of good mind! Cheer up!

iussa, -ōrum, n. pl.

commands, orders

coquō, coquere, coxī, coctus

to cook

afferō, afferre, attulī, allātus

irreg. to bring, bring to, bring in

ēvertō, ēvertere, ēvertī, ēversus

to overturn, upset

dēiciō, dēicere, dēiēcī, dēiectus

to throw down; pass., to fall

effundō, effundere, effūdī, effūsus

to pour out; pass. to spill

complūrēs, -ēs, -a



adv. courteously, graciously, in a friendly way

solea, -ae, f.


auferō, auferre, abstulī, ablātus

irreg. to carry away, take away

accumbō, accumbere, accubuī, accubitūrus

to recline (at table)

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