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What is the function of staining in microscopy

to increase the contrast of the specimen AND to assist in classification of the specimen

For which size of specimen would a microscope be required?


Which of the following statements is true regarding electron microscopy?

Stains are used to enhance contrast during electron microscopy.

Light microscopy can view speciman

1mm - 200nm

Most common form of light microscopy is


The specimen to be observed rests on ____________.


What is the role of the condenser lens?

to focus the light to a high intensity in a small area

Which of the following does the bulk of the magnification of the specimen?


What type of image would you see with a transmission electron microscope?

a two-dimensional image of ribosomes

Which wavelength would result in the highest resolution?

0.01 nm

The condenser lens of an electron microscope _____________________.

is an electromagnet

Which of the following are characteristics shared by both light microscopes and electron microscopes?

condenser and objective lens

3 main categories of stains used by Microbiologist

Simple, Differential, Special

Crystal violet purple stain

stains most bacteria uniformly

safranin a red dye

stains most bacteria pink or red

methylene blue

stains most bacteria light blue

most stains used in Microbiology are

differential stains

Gram stain is most frequently used to _____

determine between Gram positive and Gram negative

Gram positive has a _____

thick outter cell wall composed of peptydoglycan

Gram negative has a _____

thin outter cell wall

Gram staining requires 7 steps

Crystal violet, rinse, mordant, rinse, decolorizing agent, counterstain safarnin, and rinse

Gram positive

stained a deep purple

Gram negative

stained pink by safranin

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