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Review for Pre-Revolution test.
Money owed to banks and other nations by a government.
Name that Europeans use for the French and Indian War.
Seven Years War
Where did the French and Indian War begin due to conflicting land claims?
Ohio River Valley
Name of the failed plan to unite the colonies in the French and Indian War.
Albany Plan of Union
Who proposed the Albany Plan of Union?
Ben Franklin
What is the only bit of land left to FRANCE after the French and Indian War?
What nation gained control of Canada and all land east of the Mississippi River after the French and Indian War?
What nation gained control of all lands west of the Mississippi River after the French and Indian War?
Who were the allies/friends of the French during the French and Indian War?
Native Americans
Name of the group in England that passed laws the colonists disliked?
What law forbid colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains?
Proclamation Line
What law required colonists to house and supply British troops?
Quartering Act
Which law required over 50 items to have a tax seal on them before the items could be sold?
Stamp Act
Name of the meeting of colonies to unite in protest of the Stamp Act?
Stamp Act Congress
Word that means to refuse to buy a product in order to make a point?
What was the slogan for the colonists that showed how they felt about the new tax laws?
No Taxation without Representation
What is the name of the radical groups that led protests such as the tea party?
Sons of Liberty
What act canceled the Stamp Act, but declared England could tax the colonies?
Declaratory Act
What act placed a tax on imported glass, lead, paper, paint, and tea?
Townshend Acts
What is the proper name for a tax on imports? (used in the Townshend Acts)
What is the name for the blank search warrants used by the British to look for smugglers?
Writs of Assistance
What event was started with a snowball fight and ended with the deaths of 5 colonists?
Boston Massacre
What did the colonists name the laws that closed the Boston Port, stopped militias, and ended town meetings?
Intolerable Acts
What is the name of the Colonial Group that encouraged boycotts, storing of weapons, and sent out ambassadors?
First Continental Congress
What city is located where Fort Pitt used to be located?
Where did the Redcoats march to capture rebel leaders and stored supplies?
Lexington and Concord
Who fired first at the Battle of Lexington?
No one knows for sure
What British leader sent England into debt in order to win the French and Indian War?
William Pitt
Name for the groups of colonists who sent letters to each other about anti-british activities.
Committees of Correspondence
A colonist who wanted to stay connected to England and the King.
A colonist that wanted independence from England and the King.
A colonist who was disinterested or unsure of what the relationship between England and her colonies should be like.
Name the african-american dock worker who died at the Boston Massacre.
Crispus Attucks
The British callled the punishment for the tea part the coersive acts. What did the colonists call them?
Intolerable Acts
Why did Revere make the picture of the Boston Massacre this way?
He wanted to get other colonists to become Anti-British Patriots.
Look at the 1763 AFTER the French and Indian War MAP.
Thank you for reminding me.