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Katniss vs herself
Katniss vs circumstances
Katniss vs society
There are no winners in war

People can find love and hope even in the worst of times

A controlling government is bound to fail

Reality is not always what it seems; people aren't always who we think they are.
Symbols: Nightlock pills
Poisonous berries- Nightlock. (Represents deception, harsh, rebellion)

- Nightlock berries were found by Peeta and killed Foxface

- Katniss saved them hoping to use on Cato, but instead used them to rebel. She was going to kill herself and Peeta since there could only be one winner.
Symbols: hanging tree song
Symbols: buttercup/crazy cat
Crazy Cat is a game Katniss plays with her family's cat Buttercup. She waves a flashlight around and he goes bonkers, chasing the light.

One night Katniss realizes that Crazy Cat is a metaphor for how the Capitol plays games with her. She compares herself to Buttercup and the light to the imprisoned Peeta, who she wants desperately, but the Capitol dangles out of reach.
Symbols: silver parachute
The silver parachute came to katniss in an hour of great need during one of her Games
Symbols: dandelion
Dandelions symbolize hope for Katniss.
these little flowers were the first things she saw after Peeta gave her the bread on that fateful day long ago when her family was starving to death:

Kat realizes that she will be able to feed her family with food she can gather from the forest. What other people might consider useless, Katniss turns into her family's sustenance. This is both a lesson in resourcefulness and a reminder that hope springs eternal.
Symbols: mocking jay
Mockingjay. (Represents rebellion, survival, and ability to adapt)

- The mockingjays are a 'slap in the face' to the Capitol because they were only male and expected to die off, but instead they mated with female mockingbirds creating a new species that wasn't supposed to exist.

- Madge (the mayor's daughter and Katniss' friend) gave Katniss a mockingjay pin for her to wear as a District token for the games and later became the symbol for rebellion after Katniss brought up the berries in the arena.

- Katniss herself also represents a mockingjay because, like the mockingjay Katniss comes from two different kinds (Seam and merchant, her father was from the Seam whereas her mother was from merchant class). In Mockingjay she later becomes the mockingjay which is the leader for the rebellion. Peeta (Represents friendship, love and sacrifice)