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viscous liquid/solid. waterproofing & adhesive property. pet based.


viscous black liquid, obtained by destructive distillation of coal, wood, shale.

Natural Asphalts-

Trinidad lake, gilsonite, and petroleum asphalt


Paving, Roofing, Protective Coatings


Asphaltine, resin, light oil, impurities

Properties of Asphalt

Adhesion, consistency, specific gravity, durability, rate of curing, ductility, aging and hardening, resistance to water


most important property. measure of resistance to flow

kinematic viscosity

measure of resistance to flow under gravity. = visc of liquid/density


measures cement's ability to deform w/o breaking

Failures of asphalt concrete

rutting fatigue cracking, bleeding or flushing, raveling, stripping, or thermal cracking.

classifications of asphalt binders

performance grading, penetration grading, aged-residue grading

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