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I wouldnt want to be nowhere else but here


Never you mind, honey, never mind you. Don't you git too peart. It's a comin' mind i tell you it's a comin'


Don't ask me nothing. Then i won't have to tell no lies


Call this a government!Why, just look at it and see what it's like. Here's the law a-standing ready to take a man's son from him


I wish Tom Sawyer was here

Judith Loftus

Say when a cow's laying down,which end of her get up first?


Shucks it ain't no use to talk to you Huck Finn. You don't seem to know anything, somehow-perfect saphead

Old Boggs

What's you come f'm boy?You prepared to die?-

Col. Sherburn

The average man's a coward


Alright then, I'll go to hell


Misfortune has broken my one haughty spirit; I yield, i submit; tis my fate


Alas, alas, our poor brother-gone, and we never got to see him; oh, its too, too hard.


He had a rat

Mary Jane

Good bye-I'm going to do everything just as you've told me; and if i don't ever see you again, I sha'n't ever forget you, and i'll think of you a many and a many a time, and i'll pray for you, too


Quick, then, and tell us what was your idea, or i'll snake the insides o' you


I say orgies not because it is the common term but because it is the right term-


I felt so lonesome i most wished i was dead


Why didn't you roust me out

Judith Loftus

We don't know who 'twas that killed Huck Finn, I spotted you for a boy when you was threading the needle


reckon he warn't a coward. Not by a blame's sight


The averagde man don't like trouble and danger

The doctor

You talk like an Englishman don't you?It's the wprst imitation i ever heard. You Peter Wilk's brother! Yor're a fraud, that's what you are!-

The doctor

Say looky here if you are Harvey wils when'd you come into town


her loose Jim, we're alright now!


Old Miss Watson died two months ago, and she was ashamed she ever was going to sell him down the river


Huck's name when the King is pretending to be Peter Wilke's brother

Levi Bell

Lawyer-tries to uncover true heir to Wilke's fortune

Rev. Elexander Blodgett

King's fake name used when addressing Tim Collins


Drunk man-killed by Colonel Sherburn

Tim Collins

Young man-bound for New Orleans-reveals information about Wilke's fortune



Widow Douglas

Tries to civilize huck


Younger of two con men-invents Royal Nonesuch

Huck Finn

Main character

Bob Grangerford

Son of Col. Grangerford

Buck Grangerford

Youngest son, becomes friends with Huck, killed in feud

Charlotte Grangerford

Daughter of Col. Grangerford

Col. Grangerford

Huck lives with him, he is killed in the feud

Emmeline Grangerford

Daughter of Grangerford's, dead, painted and wrote poetry

Sophia Grangerford

Daughter who runs off with Harney Shepherdson

Tom Grangerford

Oldest son of the family

Buck Harkness

Starts mob to kill Colonel Sherburn

Joe Harper

Member of Tom's robber band

George Jackson

Huck's name at the Grangerfords

The King

Older of two conmen-plays naked man in Royal Nonesuch-sells Jim

Mrs. Judith Loftus

Huck Finn visits her while pretending to be a girl-she suspects JIm is hiding on Jackson Island

Sally Phelps

Tom Sawyer's aunt

Silas Phelps

Tom Sawyer's uncle, buys Jim for $40

Aunt Polly

TOm's aunt, shows up at end, reveals identities of Huck and Tom as well as Jim's freedom

Doctor Robinson

Suspects King and Duke are frauds

Ben Rogers

Member of Tom's robber band

Sid Sawyer

Tom's younger brother

Harney Shepherdson

Sophia Grangerford runs away with him

Judge Thatcher

Controls Huck's money

Jim Turner

Robber on shipwrecked steamboat

Miss Watson

Sister of Widow Douglas, tries to teach Huck to read and write

Harvey Wilks

British brother of Peter Wilks-King impersonates him

Joanna Wilks

Youngest daughter-harelip

Mary Jane Wilks

Red head, Huck tells her the truth

Peter Wilks

Dead man

Susan Wilks

Second oldest daughter

William Wilks

Duke impersonates him

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