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  1. licensing (In licensing, a company allows a foreign company to pay it a fee to make or distribute the first company's product or service)
  2. Valence
  3. Directing daily tasks of nonmanagerial personnel, (According to Figure 5.3, operational planning is done by first-line management and directs the daily tasks of nonmanagerial personnel. Decisions are often predictable, following routine procedures )
  4. Initiating Structure
  5. jointly set objectives., (Management by objectives (MBO) is a four-step process, the first of which is for managers and employees to jointly set objectives for the employee.)
  1. a Which of the following is associated with operational planning?
  2. b According to the Ohio State studies, leaders with this behavior that organize and define what group members should be doing
  3. c The first step in the MBO process is to
  4. d A company allows a foreign firm to pay it a fee to make or distribute the first company's product or service. This is called
  5. e According to Expectancy Theory, motivation is a function of expectancy, instrumentality, and

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  1. When a company uses a supplier outside itself to provide goods and services, it is
  2. Which of the following is a question that should be answered by a company's mission statement?
    A. Does it inspire enthusiasm and encourage commitment?
  3. Managers who are future oriented, dealing with uncertain, highly competitive conditions, and who stay alert to long-run opportunities and problems are most likely to be
  4. When administrators of a college are determining whether to hire more full-time instructors or possibly more part-time ones, they are engaged in
  5. Issues like privacy, health and safety, and due process being described as basic rights is typically tied to which of the following approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?

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  1. balance sheetThis financial statement shows a firm's assets, liabilities and owner's equity


  2. differentiation. (The differentiation strategy is to offer products or services that are of unique and superior value compared to those of competitors but to target a wide market.)An organization that is offering unique, superior products or services to a wide market is pursuing a strategy of


  3. mission statement, (A mission statement expresses the purpose of the organization.)There are three levels of planning. Their order, from first to last, is


  4. heuristics. (Scholars call rules of thumb heuristics—strategies that simplify the process of making decisions.)Landon has a simple rule that he follows when it comes to new hiring; if four or more of his staff are working 20% or more overtime, he hires another employee. Landon is using


  5. strategic, tactical, and operational.There are three levels of planning. Their order, from first to last, is