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  1. insider trading, (Insider trading is the illegal trading of a company's stock by people using confidential company information.)
  2. Affirmative Action
  3. I want to lose 20 pounds by June 1, 2011., (A SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and has target dates. Only choice C has all of these characteristics.)
  4. technological; general (Technological forces are new developments in methods for transforming resources into goods or services. They are part of the organization's general environment.)
  5. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  1. a The music industry has been changed dramatically by consumers' ability to download songs from the Internet. This is an example of ______ forces in an organization's ______ environment.
  2. b ______ is the illegal buying or selling of a company's stock by people using confidential company information.
  3. c Laurie has been struggling with her weight and one of her coworkers suggested that she make a SMART goal for herself. Which of the following is the best example of a SMART goal for Laurie?
  4. d This process instituting ongoing small, incremental improvements in all parts of an organization
  5. e This program tries to make up for past discrimination in employment by actively finding, hiring, and developing the talents of people from groups traditionally discriminated against

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  1. Managers at Mercury Motor Club have given employees raises year after year based on what they had given the year before, even though now their employees were very underpaid compared to similar positions with other clubs. This is an example of a(n)
  2. This financial statement shows revenues and expenses over time
  3. According to the Ohio State studies, leaders with this behavior that organize and define what group members should be doing
  4. Which of the following carmakers pursues a focused-differentiation strategy?
  5. Eli Lilly has agreed to let a South African company manufacture several of Eli Lilly's diabetes drugs and pay Eli Lilly a fee to distribute the drugs with a different brand name in South Africa. Eli Lilly is engaging in

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  1. heuristics. (Scholars call rules of thumb heuristics—strategies that simplify the process of making decisions.)Techno Tools is selling off land, buildings and some of its product inventory. This is a variation of which of these grand strategies?


  2. jointly set objectives., (Management by objectives (MBO) is a four-step process, the first of which is for managers and employees to jointly set objectives for the employee.)The first step in the MBO process is to


  3. efficient (Efficiency is the means of attaining the organization's goals. To be efficient means to use resources—people, money, raw materials, and the like—wisely and cost-effectively)Elian, a manager at a busy restaurant, was very careful about how he scheduled his personnel, making sure everyone was busy during work, and he carefully watched his other costs too, getting competitive bids from suppliers on a regular basis. Elian would best be described as a(n) _____ manager.


  4. 360 Degree AppraisalIn some companies, employees receive assessments from their manager, peers, subordinates, and customers, while also performing a self assessment. This is known as


  5. Franchising, (Franchising is a form of licensing in which a company allows a foreign company to pay it a fee and a share of the profit in return for using the first company's brand name and a package of materials and services.)When administrators of a college are determining whether to hire more full-time instructors or possibly more part-time ones, they are engaged in