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  1. an organization, (An organization is a group of people who work together to achieve some specific purpose)
  2. growth, stability, and defensive
  3. licensing (In licensing, a company allows a foreign company to pay it a fee to make or distribute the first company's product or service)
  4. Affirmative Action
  5. high individualism, (In general, the United States ranked very high on individualism, relatively low on power distance, low on uncertainty avoidance, and moderately high on masculinity.)
  1. a When examining the dimensions of Hofstede's model, which of the following is true of the U.S.?
  2. b A company allows a foreign firm to pay it a fee to make or distribute the first company's product or service. This is called
  3. c The common grand strategies are
  4. d This program tries to make up for past discrimination in employment by actively finding, hiring, and developing the talents of people from groups traditionally discriminated against
  5. e A group of people who work together to achieve some specific purpose is/are called

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  1. When a company uses a supplier outside itself to provide goods and services, it is
  2. The degree to which a test measures the same thing consistently is known as its
  3. The arrangement of having discrete parts of a task done by different people is called
  4. Which of the following carmakers pursues a focused-differentiation strategy?
  5. Kendall was feeling very uncomfortable and disoriented since she arrived for her new job in Bangkok. It seemed like just about everything was different than what she was used to. Kendall was experiencing

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  1. John Quincy Adams?This President wrote, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."


  2. differentiation. (The differentiation strategy is to offer products or services that are of unique and superior value compared to those of competitors but to target a wide market.)An organization that is offering unique, superior products or services to a wide market is pursuing a strategy of


  3. favorable government regulations, (A manager may be able to discover an opportunity in favorable government regulations)Managers at Mercury Motor Club have given employees raises year after year based on what they had given the year before, even though now their employees were very underpaid compared to similar positions with other clubs. This is an example of a(n)


  4. utilitarian, (Ethical behavior in the utilitarian approach is guided by what will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Managers often take the utilitarian approach, using financial performance—such as efficiency and profit—as the best definition of what constitutes "the greatest good for the greatest number)Issues like privacy, health and safety, and due process being described as basic rights is typically tied to which of the following approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas?


  5. geocentric, (Geocentric managers accept that there are differences and similarities between home and foreign personnel and practices and that they should use whatever techniques are most effective.)Landon has a simple rule that he follows when it comes to new hiring; if four or more of his staff are working 20% or more overtime, he hires another employee. Landon is using