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Biology Final 2012

Test Questions multiple choice and true false
An -OH group is a ____ group
An -NH2 group is an ____ group
Which are Not macromolecules?
Which are macromolecules?
proteins, lipids and nucleic acids
Fructose and Glucose are?
both monosaccharides and six-carbon sugars
Sucrose is composed of?
a molecule of fructose and a molecule of glucose
Plants store their excess carbohydrates in the form of?
Triglycerides are?
neutral fats
Oils are?
both liquid at room temperature and unsaturated fats.
Polyunsaturated fats
have fewer hydrogens than saturated fats.
Plasma membranes are characterized by the presence of
Proteins may function as
structural units , hormones, storage molecules and transport molecules
Amino acids are the building blocks for
The sequence of amino acids is the ____ structure of proteins.
Which reaction is NOT an exergonic reaction?
Which reaction is an exergonic reaction?
proteins synthesis, digestion, fire, and respiration.
Substances that enter a reaction are termed:
are very specific, act as catalysts, are organic molecules and have special shapes that control their activities.
For an enzyme to function, what kind of energy must be provided?
Inhibitors of enzyme-catalyzed reactions act by:
binding to the enzyme's active site.
Enzymes may be controlled by:
temperature, the presence of chemicals that fit into allosteric sites, feedback inhibition and current metabolic conditions in the cell
Which statement is true of plasma membranes?
They have molecules on their surface that identify them.
In simple diffusion?
the rate of movement of molecules is controlled by temperature and pressure, the movement of individual molecules is random, the movement of molecules of one substance is independent of the movement of any other substance and the net movement is away from the region of highest concentration.
Movement of a molecules against a concentration gradient is:
active transport.
A single-celled freshwater organism, such as protistan, is transferred to saltwater. Which of the following is likely to happen?
The cell shrinks
If a plant cell is placed in a hypotonic solution
the cell wall prevents the cell from exploding.
Which of the following is Not a form of passive transport?
Which of the following is a form of passive transport?
osmosis, facilitated diffusion, and bulk flow.
White blood cells use ____ to get rid of foreign particles in the blood.
Various forms of a gene at given locus are called
Which of the following genotypes is homozygous?
Mendel found that pea plants expressing a recessive trait:
could be produced only if one of the parents expressed the recessive trait.
If R is dominant to r, the offspring of the cross RR with rr will:
display the same phenotype as the RR parent.
If all offspring of a cross have the genotype Aa, the parents of the crosses would most likely be:
AA x aa
In cocker spaniels, black coat color (B) is dominant over red (b), and solid color (S) is dominant over spotted (s). If a red spotter male was crossed with a black solid female black solid female and all the offspring from several crossed expressed only the dominant trait, the genotype of the female would be
An incompletely dominated gene controls the color of chickens so that BB produces black, Bb produces a slate gray color called blue and bb produces splashed white. A second gene controls comb shape, with the dominant gene R producing a rose comb and r producing a single comb in the F2 generation what fraction of the offspring will be black with rose comb?
Roan cattle are the heterozygous hybrids of a cross between a white bull and a red cow. If a roan bull were crossed with a red cow, their offspring would should which of the following ratios?
1 red: 1 roan
In incomplete dominance
the heterozygote is somewhat intermediate to the two homozygotes.
Blood types (A, B, and O) are controlled by?
multiple alleles
If a child belonged to blood type O, he or she could Not have been produced with which set of parents?
Type AB mother and type O father.
Pleiotropic genes do NOT:
a gene that produces many effects in the phenotype.
How is energy and electrons carried from the light carried from the light-dependent reaction to the light independent reaction?
The electrons and energy are carried by NADPH, and ATP respectively.
Fluid-filled sacs that may store food, ions or water in cells are called:
which of the following are the primarily cellular assembly sites for the production of proteins?
An organelle found in the nucleus is a :
Which of the follow are the primary cellular sites for the recapture of energy from carbohydrates?
which of these cell features is absent in a bacterial cell?
Which of the following contain enzymes and are the main organelles of intracellular digestion?
The organelle that is compared to a whip is a
If a cell did not have ribosomes, it would be unable to
form proteins
The breakdown of a plasma or nuclear membrane would yield:
phospholipids and proteins
One of the generalizations of the cell theory is that
all living organisms are made up of cells
Which of the following cells is correctly matched with its function?
Golgi bodies: packaging
In contrast to the membrane of the nucleus, the double membrane of a mitochondrion
creates two compartments.
Which are examples of prokaryotes?
Starch is stored in
Which of the following junctions permit(s) cytoplasmic interconnections between cells?
gap junctions, plasmodesmata, and adhering junctions.
Four of the five statements listed below are portions of a well-known theory. Select the exception.
All cells have a nucleus
Bacteriophages are
the building blocks of nucleic acids are
In the bonding of two nucleotides:
hydrogen bonds are used, adenine and thymine bind together, purines bind with pyrimidines, double-ring nitrogenous bases connect to single-ring bases.
In DNA, complementary base pairing occurs between
adenine and thymine
The DNA molecule is usually made up of how many strands?
Movement of molecules in an electrophoretic experiment is based on:
the size and charge of the molecules.
the RNA molecule is made up of how many strands?
Which of the following is true for xylem?
transports water and minerals