Gas Laws

Everything about Gas Laws in Chemistry. 6/3/2012
What does KMT stand for?
Kinetic Molecular Theory
Is KMT Imperfect? If so, why?
It is imperfect. This is because KMT is an assumption, and therefore does not work all the time.
What are the assumptions of the KMT?
1.Gas particles don't attract or repel
2. Gas particles are smaller than the distance between them
3. Gas particles are in constant, random motion
4. No kinetic energy is lost when gas particles collide with
each other or with the walls of the container
5. All gases have the same average kinetic energy at a given
How many KMT assumptions are there?
KMT is generally true for gases at______.
STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure)
KMT is based on ____ factors.
The four factors of KMT are:
1. Number of particles
2. Temperature
3. Volume
4. Pressure
Changing either the temperature, volume, number of gas particles or pressure, it affects all of ____.
the other three.
How many units of pressure are there?
What are the units of pressure?
Atmosphere (atm)
Pascal (Pa or kPa)
Millimeters of Mercury (mmHg)
1 atm=_(a)__kPa=__(b)__mmHg
a. 101.3
b. 760
What is Dalton's law of Pressure and Formula?
Total pressure of a gas mixture=sum of pressures of the gases in the mixture.
P total= P1+P2+P3......
What is Boyle's Law and Formula?
If T is constant, there exists and inverse relationship between volume and pressure.
What is Charle's Law and Formula ?
If P is constant, there relationship between V and T is directly proportional.
What is Guy-Lussac's Law and Formula?
If V is constant, the relationship between P and T is directly proportional.
What is the Combined Gas Law Formula?
(assuming the amount of gas in the system is CONSTANT)
What is the Ideal Gas Law?
What do the letters in PV=nRT stand for?
P=pressure (atm) V= Volume (L) n=moles R= constant (.821)
T= temperature (KELVIN)
What must the temperature ALWAYS be in when dealing with Gas Laws?
What is R?
The Ideal Gas Constant
What is R in atm?
What is R in kPa?
What is R in mmHg?