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Conditions of the Atmosphere


The sudy of the lower atmosphere is called


Rain is the most common form of this

Wind chill factor

The apparent lowering of temperature by wind is called


The condition of the atmosphere at any given time

Warm air

This type of air can hold more moisture


The atmospheherice condition that is probably the first thing noticed on a clear day is

Relative humidity

The ratio of the amount of water actually being held in the air in relation to temperature.

Relative humidity

Weather reading measured in percents.


This weather conditon is greatly affected by humidity and effects comfort levels.


Wind traveling from west to east.


Wind traveling from east to west.


Wind traveling from north to south.


Wind traveling from south to north.

High Pressure

Cool, dry air is usually a mark of this type of pressure.

Absolute Humidity

The total amount of water vapor at a certain volume of air can hold.


Heat transfer from direct contact.


Heat transfer from warm air rising and cold air sinking.

Greenhouse effect

Carbondioxide and water vapor traping the suns enery in Earth's atmosphere warming the atmosphere.


Changing from a bapor to a liquid.


Changing from a liquid to a vapor.


Changing from a liquid to a solid.


Changing a solid to liquid.


Chaging from a solid state directly to a gas or changing from a gas to a solid.

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