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Eukaryotic Cells

have nucleus
has organelles specialized for carrying on specific functions
organelles are in cytoplasm


Filamentous structures on the surface of the cell. they are short and numerous
help the cell to move


filamentous structures. they are long and few
help the cell move
sperm cells

Cell Walls

plant cells have cellulose in cell wall
fungi have chitin cell wall
animal cells have no cell wall

Animal Cell walls

have glycocalyx- made up of carbohydrates- protects the cell

Plasma Membrane

proteins, lipids and carbohydrates- encloses the cytoplasm


cytoskeleton involved in cytoplasmic streaming
cytoplasm circulates with the cell such that the nutrients are distributed throughout the cell

Nuclear pore

stuff can flow in and out of the nucleus


DNA- packaged into nucleosomes
ribosomal rRNA is being synthesized in the nucleus

Endoplasmic Reticulum

mad up of flay membrane sacs
rough ER- ribosomes attached- proteins being synthesized

Golgi Complex

Flat memrane sacs
proteins and lipids are modified to other parts of the cell


Free in the cytoplasm
Made up of 2 subunits
each subunit is made up of proteins and ribosomal RNA
Eukaryotic cell has 80s ribosomes
larger and denser than prokaryotic ribosomes


Carries out cellular respiration
powerhouse of the cell
DNA in matrix
70s ribosomes in matrix


only found in plant cells
flat membrane sacs
DNA and 70s ribosomes


Membrane bound vesicle
membrane bags filed with digestive enzymes
white blood cells have a large number of lysosomes
specialize in destroying microbes


cavity surrounded by a membrane
plant cells have large water vacuoles


made up of proteins
flagella and cilia grow out of centriole

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