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  1. hydrogen bond
  2. amino acid
  3. lipid
  4. proton
  5. fatty acid
  1. a weak bond formed by the attraction of positively charged hydrogen atoms to negatively charged atoms
  2. b basic building blocks of protein molecules
  3. c macromolecules used for energy storage, cell membranes, and waterproofing
  4. d positively charged particle of an atom
  5. e Type of lipid, A long, straight hydrocarbon chain with a carboxyl group attached at one end

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  1. steroid molecule present in the plasma membranes of animal cells
  2. two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
  3. neutral particle of an atom
  4. carbon-based molecule
  5. covalent bond formed between amino acids

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  1. hydrolysisbreaks down molecules by adding water to them


  2. prokaryoticdescribes a cell that does not have a nucleus or anyother membrane-covered organelles; also called bacteria.


  3. polar moleculelarge molecules


  4. isotopepositively charged particle of an atom


  5. acidhas a low pH, donates H(+) ions