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  1. radioisotope
  2. functional groups
  3. hydrolysis
  4. electron
  5. ionic bond
  1. a an unstable isotope of an element, which undergoes radioactive decay
  2. b bond formed by the TRANSFERING of electrons from one atom to another
  3. c breaks down molecules by adding water to them
  4. d determines a molecule's function. is hydrphilic. includes the hodroxl, carboxyl, carbonyl, amino, phosphate groups.
  5. e negatively charged particle of an atom

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  1. Type of lipid, A long, straight hydrocarbon chain with a carboxyl group attached at one end
  2. A research method whereby a problem is identified, a hypothesis stated, and hypothesis is tested
  3. "water hating"
  4. bond formed by the SHARING of electrons between atoms
  5. neutral particle of an atom

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  1. basehas a high pH, accepts H(+) ions


  2. ionsmallest particle of an element


  3. isotopepositively charged particle of an atom


  4. monosaccharideA double sugar, consisting of two monosaccharides joined by dehydration synthesis.


  5. polaritylong chains of monomers