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  1. Extraordinary Claims
  2. Replicability
  3. random selection
  4. Correlation
  5. range
  1. a difference between the highest and lowest scores
  2. b every person in the population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate
  3. c the more a claim contradicts what we already know, the more persuasive evidence for this claim is needed before it is accepted
  4. d a study and it's findings need to be able to be duplicated
  5. e Relationship between naturally occurring variables

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  1. group that does not receive the manipulation
  2. group that receives the manipulation
  3. watching and recording what behaviors you see
  4. people act differently when they know they are subjects of research
  5. Dr Phil, Oprah

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  1. Resilience founderMartin Seligman


  2. Observation Exampleclassroom behavior in children


  3. external validitythe extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure


  4. Functionalismidentifies the basic elements of psychological experience


  5. Cognition Founderbelieve our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes