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  1. Behaviorist Founder
  2. Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis Example
  3. Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis
  4. Replicability
  5. Psychoanalysis was introduced during ________
  1. a a study and it's findings need to be able to be duplicated
  2. b There is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings
  3. c WWII
  4. d If one dog food enhances performance in a dog race, we should do more research to be sure the results aren't due to better training
  5. e BF Skinner/ John Watson

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  1. Results showing that people who exercise score better on exams could also be due to the fact that these people study while they walk on the treadmill
  2. believe that certain deep questions regarding human nature are so difficult that they are beyond our ability to comprehend
  3. the variable being manipulated in an experiment
  4. Lobotomy cures brain disease, BigFoot, Aliens
  5. how much control over variables there is in an experiment

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  1. Because psychology uses the ______________________ it is a sciencescientific method


  2. Cons of Self Report Testsurveys given to subjects that they can answer briefly


  3. Falsifiability Exampleclassroom behavior in children


  4. Self Help Movement PeopleDr Phil, Oprah


  5. validitythe extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure