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  1. 1st woman Psychologist
  2. Psychoanalysis was introduced during ________
  3. Behaviorist Founder
  4. Nature vs Nurture
  5. Observation
  1. a WWII
  2. b Are we a product of our environment (nurture) or our genes (nature)
  3. c Margaret Washburn, 1894
  4. d watching and recording what behaviors you see
  5. e BF Skinner/ John Watson

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  1. Francis Sumner, 1920
  2. believe we are motivated by our subconscious motives and instincts
  3. experimenter randomly assigns each subject to a control or experimental group
  4. If one dog food enhances performance in a dog race, we should do more research to be sure the results aren't due to better training
  5. Black doll/White doll study, focus on culture and society

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  1. Hawthorne Effectalso known as reactivity


  2. Self Report Measuressurveys given to subjects that they can answer briefly


  3. Applied ResearchAttempting to solve a real world problem


  4. Replicabilitya study and it's findings need to be able to be duplicated


  5. Dependent variablethe variable being manipulated in an experiment