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  1. Psychology
  2. Pros of Self Report Test
  3. mode
  4. Self Report Method Example
  5. Basic Research
  1. a Survey about cereal preference
  2. b study of the mind and brain
  3. c most frequent observation
  4. d examines how the mind works, study one topic for the sake of learning
  5. e easy, fast

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  1. researchers unintentionally bias the outcome of the study, based on their hypothesis
  2. also known as reactivity
  3. If I think eating chocolate cake before an exam makes people score better, but no one else can duplicate this finding, then it is a skeptical finding
  4. how tightly or loosely clustered the data set is
  5. Black doll/White doll study, focus on culture and society

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  1. debriefingbelieve our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes


  2. Observationbelieve our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes


  3. double blindneither researchers nor participants know who is in what group


  4. Reactivitypeople act differently when they know they are subjects of research


  5. Resiliencestudy of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive