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  1. Independent variable
  2. Mind Body Debate
  3. random selection
  4. Reflexivity
  5. Nocebo effect
  1. a Are our behaviors strictly due the nervous system and brain, or are they influenced by a non-material entity like the soul
  2. b harm resulting from the mere expectation of harm
  3. c every person in the population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate
  4. d the variable being manipulated in an experiment
  5. e trying to use the brain to understand itself

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  1. WWII
  2. average of all numbers in data set
  3. Founder of American Psychology
  4. If I think eating chocolate cake before an exam makes people score better, but no one else can duplicate this finding, then it is a skeptical finding
  5. the extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure

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  1. Resilience founderJean Piaget


  2. external validityhow much the experiment imitates the real world


  3. Free Will vs DeterminismAre we really free to do what we want, or are subconsciously influenced by our environment


  4. reliabilitytrying to use the brain to understand itself


  5. Observation Exampleclassroom behavior in children