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  1. Reactivity
  2. Falsifiability
  3. Behaviorist Founder
  4. median
  5. Cons of Self Report Test
  1. a Claims must be capable of being disproved
  2. b dishonesty, malingering, wording, order
  3. c middle score in data set
  4. d BF Skinner/ John Watson
  5. e people act differently when they know they are subjects of research

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  1. Attempting to solve a real world problem
  2. consistency of measurement
  3. scientific method
  4. group that receives the manipulation
  5. any difference between the experimental and control group other than the independent variable

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  1. Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis ExampleIf one dog food enhances performance in a dog race, we should do more research to be sure the results aren't due to better training


  2. William Jamesconsistency of measurement


  3. debriefingbelieve our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes


  4. Resiliencestudy of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive


  5. Ruling Out Rival HypothesisThere is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings


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