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  1. BioPsychSocial Approach
  2. Occam's Razor example
  3. Nature vs Nurture
  4. Reactivity
  5. Cognition
  1. a If the light doesn't turn on when the switch is flipped, it is probably because the light bulb burned out, not because there is an electric shortage in the wall
  2. b all integrated to study behavior
  3. c Are we a product of our environment (nurture) or our genes (nature)
  4. d people act differently when they know they are subjects of research
  5. e believe our thinking influences our behavior, focuses on mental processes

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  1. Institutional Review Board
  2. examines one particular occurrence in detail
  3. dishonesty, malingering, wording, order
  4. Claims must be capable of being disproved
  5. researchers unintentionally bias the outcome of the study, based on their hypothesis

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  1. Replicabilityconsistency of measurement


  2. Self Report Method Exampleclassroom behavior in children


  3. Behaviorist FounderCharles Darwin


  4. ObservationRelationship between naturally occurring variables


  5. Dependent variablethe variable being measured


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