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  1. debriefing
  2. Resilience founder
  3. Applied Research
  4. range
  5. Psychology
  1. a researchers inform subjects of what the study is about
  2. b Martin Seligman
  3. c difference between the highest and lowest scores
  4. d Attempting to solve a real world problem
  5. e study of the mind and brain

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  1. a study and it's findings need to be able to be duplicated
  2. the overlap among different causes of behavior
  3. Results showing that people who exercise score better on exams could also be due to the fact that these people study while they walk on the treadmill
  4. Are we really free to do what we want, or are subconsciously influenced by our environment
  5. There is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings

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  1. Testing Methodsstudy of people born in terrible conditions, who survive and thrive


  2. Methods of Data Collectionevery person in the population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate


  3. Structuralism founderJean Piaget


  4. inferential statisticshow much the experiment imitates the real world


  5. confounding variableany difference between the experimental and control group other than the independent variable