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  1. mean
  2. Free Will vs Determinism
  3. Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis
  4. Resilience founder
  5. Nocebo effect
  1. a There is a need for more research if several hypothesis produce the same findings
  2. b Are we really free to do what we want, or are subconsciously influenced by our environment
  3. c average of all numbers in data set
  4. d harm resulting from the mere expectation of harm
  5. e Martin Seligman

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  1. study of the mind and brain
  2. trying to use the brain to understand itself
  3. group that does not receive the manipulation
  4. examines how the mind works, study one topic for the sake of learning
  5. how much the experiment imitates the real world

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  1. Extraordinary Claim ExampleIQ, ACT, SAT


  2. rangedifference between the highest and lowest scores


  3. reliabilitya study and it's findings need to be able to be duplicated


  4. Case Studyexamines one particular occurrence in detail


  5. Resiliencemiddle score in data set