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  1. Occam's Razor example
  2. informed consent
  3. Correlation vs Causation
  4. dispersion
  5. Case Study Example
  1. a One person who experience severe depression
  2. b just because two things are related, does not mean that one causes the other
  3. c researchers must tell participants the basics of the study before they can participate
  4. d how tightly or loosely clustered the data set is
  5. e If the light doesn't turn on when the switch is flipped, it is probably because the light bulb burned out, not because there is an electric shortage in the wall

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  1. Attempting to solve a real world problem
  2. improvement resulting from the mere expectation of improvement
  3. Standardized test
  4. group that receives the manipulation
  5. experimenter randomly assigns each subject to a control or experimental group

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  1. Replicability exampleIf I think eating chocolate cake before an exam makes people score better, but no one else can duplicate this finding, then it is a skeptical finding


  2. Cognition FounderCharles Darwin


  3. Self Report MeasuresSurvey about cereal preference


  4. control groupgroup that does not receive the manipulation


  5. Extraordinary Claimshow much the experiment imitates the real world