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Triumph of the Nerds: Riding the Bull

Bill Gates
Writer of BASIC; Founder of Microsoft
First computer written language; written by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Biggest supplier of computer language as of 1980
Bill Gates and Gary Kildall
Two who were contested against each other to become IBM's software supplier
Jack Sams
Former IBM executive; organized Microsoft's meeting with IBM
Operating System
What Microsoft lacked that IBM wanted
Steve Ballmer
Vice President of Microsoft; Former room-mate of Gates, saw importance of IBM meeting
Bill Lowe
Former head of IBM Developement Team (1980); Ran lab in Boca Raton, FL; first one to propose "open architecture" to IBM
International Business Machines
What does IBM stand for?
Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
What does BASIC stand for?
Open Architecture
Building of a product (In this case, IBM's first PC) using only parts purchased from other suppliers.
Only component of IBM's PC that was made by IBM
Basic Input Output System
What does BIOS stand for?
Jim Warren
Friend of Gary Kildall during Graduate School; Founder of West Coast Computer Faire
Tim Patterson
Saved deal between Microsoft and IBM by creating a OS called QDOS; Owner of CL Computer Products
Gary Kildall
Man who turned away IBM; Inventor of first OS called CP/M
Operating System
What does OS stand for?
What was the OS Tim Patterson created?
Dan Bricklin
Creator of VisiCalc
Boca Raton
City in Florida where IBM's PC was built
Larry Ellison
Thought IBM made a $100 million mistake by giving one third of IBM PC sales to Microsoft and one third to Intel; Founder of Oracle
Tom Watson, Sr.
Founder of IBM; With help from son got IBM to emerge as the top computer in the world
Big Blue
Nickname for IBM
Tom Watson, Jr.
Helped father to raise IBM as top computer company in the world
Frank Carey
Chariman of IBM; recognized the PC explosion as a threat to business
Paul Allen
Created MS DOS; Helped write BASIC
Disk Operating System
What does DOS stand for?
Rod Canion
Used reverse engineering to create portable IBM PC; One founder of Compaq
Head-on competetor of IBM; clone IBM PC but portable
Bob Cringely
Host of the Triumph of the Nerds
Intergalactic Digital Research
What is the name of Gary Kildall's company?
too laid back and avoided conflict
What were Gary Kildall's flaws that kept him from prospering and being as rich or richer than Bill Gates?
Unit for 1000 Lines of Code
Operators who have never used a CPM/IBM unit
BIOS is a type of...
Reverse Engineering
Figuring out how a pre-existing product works in hopes to create a similar product
killer app(lication)
an application that people will buy a computer system just to use
Lotus 1-2-3
Killer App for IBM PC
What was Lotus 1-2-3 based off of?
Company that is a society in itself; wanted to compete with Apple PCs after the Apple explosion (originally sold mainframes)
OS and language
What did Sams ask Gates and Kildall for while representing IBM?
sent IBM away
What was Kildall's mistake that could have given him a future full of prosperity?
To make the exact same product as another company and sell it
What set an American business record of $111,000,000 in the first year of sales?
Operating system created by Microsoft for IBM
riding the bear
Business is tough. You're either with it, or you're being trampled by it.