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Using reflexive pronouns (mi / ti / si / ci / vi / si) with 2 verbs ALLENARE and CHIAMARE e.g. I work out = in Italian "I train myself" = MI ALLENO My name is = in Italian becomes "I call myself" = MI CHIAMO




himself / herself / themselves





mi alleno

I work out

ti alleni

you (s) work out

si allena

he / she works out

ci alleniamo

we work out

vi allenate

you (pl) work out

si allenano

they work out

mi chiamo

my name is

ti chiami

your name is

si chiama

his / her name is

ci chiamiamo

our names are

vi chiamate

your names are

si chiamano

their names are

come si chiama?

what is his / her name?

come ti chiami?

what is your name?

come vi chiamate?

what are your names?

come si chiamano?

what are their names?


to work out

mi piace allenarmi

I like to work out

ti piace allenarti

you (s) like to work out

mi alleno il giovedì

I work out on Thursdays

si allenano il martedì

they work out on Thuesdays

si allena il mercoledì

he / she works out on Wednesdays

ti alleni solo la domenica

you (s) work out only on Sundays

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