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Ceritakan tentang masalah kesenjangan sosial di Indonesia.

Tell us about the social issues in Indonesia

Menurut Anda, Masalah apa yang paling menonjol?

According to you, what is the most significant issue?

Apakah masalah gubuk liar di tepi sungan Ciliwung bisa diselesaikan? Jelaskan.

Can the problem with illegal huts on the banks of Ciliwung river be solved? Please explain.

Menurut Anda, mengapa orang masih juga membuang sampah di sungai?

In your opinion, why do people still throw rubbish into the river?

Kalau Anda dipilih sebagai Gubernur Jakarta, apa yang Anda lakukan untuk memecahkan masalah sampah?

If you are selected to be the Governor of Jakarta, what will you do to solve the rubbish problem?

Apa keuntungan program transmigrasi?

What are the advantages of transmigration program?

Apa kerugian program transmigrasi?

What are the disadvantages of transmigration program?

Bagaimana kita bisa memecahkan masalah kemiskinan di Indonesia?

How can we solve the proverty problems in Indonesia?

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