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cell body

contains all the organelles; circularly shaped, large


fine threads found in cell body and extend into nerve fiber


nerve fibers that are short, highly branched, and neuron's main receptive surfaces; extend out of the cell body


single nerve fiber that transmits impulse away from the axonal hillock of the cell body

chromatrophilic substance

found throughout cytoplasm and contains ribosomes-> protein synthesis

nerve fibers

tubular, cytoplasm filled fibers that conduct impulses to or from the cell body

schwann cells

neurological cell that is wound tightly around the axon and secretes myelin


layers of lipo-protein surrounding axons; sheath-like; layers secreted by Schwann cells


sheath located outside myelin made of cytoplasm and nuclei of Schwann cells

nodes of ranvier

narrow gaps in myelin sheath between Schwann cells

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