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Progressive Reformers List

Progressive Era Reformers.

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Jane Addams
Rights of the poor and immigrants, founder of Hull House.
Eugene Debs
Socialist and labor union leader, candidate for President
John Dewey
Educational philosopher and reformer
WEB DuBois
African American civil rights activist and writer
Elezabeth Gurley Flynn
"Rebel Girl" Supported the IWW and socialism
Emma Goldman
Samuel Gompers
American Labor union leader
Bill Haywood (Big Bill)
IWW Union leader
Mother Jones
Fought for miners' rights and against child labor
Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones
Mayor of Toledo
Hellen keller
Socialist, women's suffrage
Florence Kelley
Social Reformer (child labor, women's rights)
Robert Lafollette
Wisconsin political leader and reformer
Aldo Leopold
Naturalist and supported preservation of the environment
John Muir
Fought to preserve the environment and to set aside wilderness areas.
Carry Nation
Gifford Pinchot
Nation's first professional forester. Conservationist.
Jacob Riis
Photographer of poor conditions in cities
Margaret Sanger
Women's rights and birth control
Rose Schneidermann
Jewish labor activist
Upton Sinclair
Wrote about poor conditions in meatpacking facilities, socialist
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Women's suffrage
Billy Sunday
Promoted American morality, former baseball player
Ida Tarbell
A leading muckraker who took on John D. Rockefeller
Mary Church Terell
Head of National Association of Colored Women, fought against lynching
Booker T. Washington
African American civil rights and equality
Faces Willard
Supported prohibition, prison reform, women's suffrage, and socialism
Victoria Woodhull
Women's political activist
Frank Lloyd Wright
Jonathan Kozol
Education Reformer
Ralph Nader
Consumer protection, environmental issues
Michael Pollan
Big Business influence on food production
Russ Feingold
Campaign finance reform