computer Applications(Word)

End of Year Reviw for word
A setting that is automatically used unless another option is chosen
A collecton of related infomation organized for rapid search and retrival.
Normal View
PowerPoint's default view that displays the Slide pane, the Notes pane, and the Slides/Outline pane
move through text or graphics in order to display parts that do not fit on the screen
A mouse pointer shape resembling the uppercase letter I
Print Layout View
A view of a document as it will appear when printed; for example, items such as headers, footnotes, columns, and text boxes appear in their actual positions.
Word Wrap
text automatically moves to the next line when it reaches the right margin
a temporary storage area for items that are cut or copied
Insert Mode
a method of inserting text into a file by pushing existing characters to the right instead of overwriting them
Identify text for editing
Drag and Drop
To drag selected text from one place in a file to another.
Overtype Mode
in this mode, new text replaces existing characters
a command that turns a particular mode on and off. Also, to switch back and forth between two modes
First Line Indent
A description of the indent in a paragraph when only the first line of text in the paragraph is indented.
Hard Page Break
a marker inserted manually in a document to indicate where a page ends.
The size, style, and design of text
measurement of font size
text such as title, page numbers, and dates printed at the top of a page
Portrait Orientation
the short edges of the paper are at the top and bottom of the page and long edges are at the sides
a piece of information printed at the bottom of the pages of multiple page document to tie the document together
Landscape Orientation
page orientation in which data prints across the wider portion of the page
Soft Page Break
occurs automatically, text is continued to the next page when the space on the previous page is exhausted
Hanging Indent
A description of the indent in a paragraph when the first line of text is not indented but all of the following lines in the paragraph are.
Auto Complete
a feature used to complete an entry based on previous entries made in the column containing the active cell
The intersection of a single row and a single column
Merging Cells
the process of creating a single cell by combining two or more cells
Spliting Cells
Converting a single cell into two or more cells
Auto Correct
Corrects common capitalization, spelling, grammar, and typing errors as you type
Nonprinting lines that can be displayed around cells in a table.
A full width headline that spans across multiple newsletter style columns such as the title for a newsletter or report
Clip Art
A wide variety of pictures photographs sounds and video clips that you can insert into a document
To trim a graphic
Drawing Canvas
workspace for creating your own graphics - provides framelike boundary between illustration and rest of document
Sizing Handles
a square, circle, or set of three dots that appears on a selection rectangle around an object and that you can drag to resize the object
Text Box
Container for text that can be placed and formatted independently of other text.
small graphic image