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absolute value equation

Equation whose graph forms a V that opens up or down

quadratic equation

equation of the form ax² + bx + c = 0, where a ≠ 0

linear equation

an equation whose graph forms a straight line.

continuous data

data where numbers between any two data values have meaning.

discrete data

data that involve a count of items.

constant of variation for direct variation

the nonzero constant k in the function y = kx.

direct variatio

a linear function that can be expressed in the form y = kx, where k =/ o.


any set of ordered pairs.


a relation that assigns exactly one value in the range to each vale of the domain.

vertical line test

a method used to determine if a relation is a function or not. If a vertical line passes through a graph more than once, the graph is not the graph of function.

function notation

to write a rule in function notation, you use the symbol f (x) in place of y.


the possible values of the output, or dependent variable, of a function.


the possible values for the imput, or the independent variable, of a function.

independent variable

a variable that provides the input values of a function.

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