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MMBIO ch 12

Mastering Microbiology multiple choice
All of the following terms are associated with sexual reproduction EXCEPT:
Cells duplicate their DNA during
During which of the following stages of mitosis do chromosomes consist of two chromatids?
prophase and metaphase
Which of the following events does NOT happen during conjugation?
fusion of haploid macronuclei
Which of the following stages is responsible for generating the genetic variation associated with meiosis?
prophase I
Meiosis produces
four haploid nuclei
Dinoflagellates are classified as a type of protozoa based on the presence of __________ in their cells.
All of the following groups of protozoa have names related to their form of locomotion EXCEPT:
Which of the following groups of protozoa contains members capable of producing neurotoxins?
All of the following are characteristics of amoebae EXCEPT:
Which of the following structures is associated only with pathogenic fungi?
Microsporidia belong to which of the following groups?
division Zygomycota
Mushrooms belong to which of the following groups?
division Basidiomycota
Which group of algae is most similar to plants in terms of their cell wall composition and chlorophyll?
Which group of algae produces alginic acid, a substance often used as a thickening agent?
The slime molds were once thought to be a type of __________ but now they are classified as a type of __________.
fungus; protozoan
What is the stimulus for the reproduction of a plasmodial slime mold?
absence of water or food
The most important arthropod vector of disease is the
Which of the following groups of protozoa is thought to have descended from eukaryotes that lost their organelles?
Which of the following is NOT classified as an insect vector?