Political ideology spectrum

summer assignment
Right Government Parties
Left Government Parties
Right vs Left Symbolic Representatves
Right = Hawks
Left = Doves
Right- Conservative-Traditional
-Law of the Jungle
-Survival of the Fittest
-Looks to the Past
-Conservative Nature
-Looks to the Future
-Progressive Nature
Focus: Individual
Goal: Economic Freedom
Support: Employers
Trade: Free Trade
Focus: Society
Goal:Personal Freedom
Support: Workers
Trade: Fair Trade
Right Economy
-De-regulated economy,
- Business & industry = Don't Tax and Spend
Left Economy
-Regulated economy
-Business & industry = Tax and Spend
Right vs Left Interference
Right: No interference of society and social lives
Left: Interfere with social lives and society
Right Vs Left Social Progress
Right: Status Quo
Left: Evolution
Right Society and Culture
- Preservation "the world is fine as it is"
-Exclusive Nationalist Conservative
-Community based on Morals
Left Society and Culture
-Utopianism "the world can be improved"
-Inclusive Multicultural Evolving
-Community based on Ethics
Right Family
-Atmosphere of reward and punishment
-Strict Parent = Tough Love
-Relationship of parent to child is built on Respect and Fear
-Parent instills Moral Strength & Absolutes
-Education: Skills- to Succeed, Compete, and have Individualism
-Self-Reliant Child: Self-Defence, Morality, Discipline, builds Character
Left Family
-Atmosphere of protection and communication
-Nurturing Parent = Nurturing Love
-Relationship of parent to child is built on Respect and Trust
-Parent instills Empathy & Moral Diversity
-Education: Learning- To Ask Questions, Relate, and Co-operate with Others
-Self-Nuturing Child: Openness, Empathy, Reflection, creates Potential
Right Adult
-Self-Reliant Adult
-Rural Life
-Vocation: Police, Military, Stockbroker, Sales, Judge
Left Adult
-Fulfilled Adult
-Urban Life
-Vocation: Media, Architect, Professor, Scientist, Teacher
Right Beliefs
Religion: Theistic, Organized, Conventional
Rights: Others must Not Interfere
Criminals: Choose to be criminals
Homeless:No Work Ethnic, No sense of Shame
Society: "Survival of the Fittest"
Left Beliefs
Religion:Scientific, Non-organized, Unconventional
Rights: Others must Observe
Criminals: social and economic Victims
Homeless: Downtrodden, Victims of the System
Society: "One for All and All for One"
Right Beliefs Cont.
-Equality is Opportunity
-Freedom is the chance to achieve or fail
-Immigration Control
which is best? Freedom
Left Beliefs Cont.
-Equality is a Level Playing Field
-Freedom is freedom from Power, Abuse, and Inequality
-Protect Minorities
which is best? Equality
Right's Support
-Gay rights 44%
-Abortion rights 43%
-War 91%
-Tax cuts 84%
-Same-sex marriage 12%
-God 87%
-Unmarried sex 80%
Left's Support
-Gay rights 54%
-Abortion rights 66%
-War 34%
-Tax cuts 24%
-Same-sex marriage 43%
-God 78%
-Unmarried sex 90%
Right Support Votes For...
-Upholding order
-Helping those who help themselves
-Strong Role-Models
-Champions of Opportunity
Left Support Votes For...
-Helping those who Cannot help themselves
-Positive Role-Models
-Champions of Downtrodden