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the passing of traits from parents to offspring

Dominant Trait

the trait observed when at least one dominant allele for a characteristic is inherited

Recessive Trait

Trait that is apparent when two recessive alleles for the characteristic are inherited.


DNA segments that serve as the key functional units in hereditary transmission.


different forms of a gene


the inherited combination of alleles


an organism's physical appearance


the likelihood that a particular event will occur


offspring of many generations that have the same traits


an organism with one dominant and one recessive gene for a trait


cell division that produces sex cells

Asexual Reproduction

the production of offspring from one parent

Sexual Reproduction

two cells from different parents unite to form the first cell of a new offspring

Sex cells

sperm and egg

Homologous Chromosomes

Chromosomes with matching information

Sex Chromosomes

The X and Y chromosomes

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