13 terms

Female and Male anatomy

Where does the egg wait to be fertilized?
The fallopian tube
What is the Endomatrial lining?
The lining around the uterus
What is dilation?
When the cervix gets bigger to allow a baby to pass
The placenta does what?
Gives the fetus nutrients during its growth
Where does the fetus grow?
The uterus
Where are sperm cell produced?
The testicles
Where are sperm cells stored?
The epididymus
The vas deferens is what?
Where the sperm travels through
What protects the stored sperms?
Nurse cells
The seminal vasicle and prostate gland have what in common?
They produce semen fluid to help the sperm survive and move and get energy
What is the urethra?
A tube which semen fows through during ejaculation. Urine also exits the body through this.
What contains an ovum (egg) and brings it to full maturity?
The follicles
What is the vagina?
The passage into which the penis penetrates to releas its sperm. The baby leaves the uterus here as well.