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What are etiologic factors for male urethral cancer?

Chronic inflammation, urethral stricture, urethritis, STD (HPV-16)

What are presenting symptoms of male urethral cancer?

Urethral bleeding, palpable mass, obstructive voiding

Tumors in the bulbomembraneous urethra make up what % of male urethral cancer and are of what histologic subtype?

Overal 60%
SCC - 80%
TCC - 10%
Adeno - 10%

Tumors in the penile urethra make up what % of male urethral cancer and are of what histologic subtype?

Overall 30%
SCC - 90%
TCC - 90%

Tumors in the prostatic urethra make up what % of male urethral cancer and are of what histologic subtype?

Overall 10%
TCC - 90%
SCC - 10%

What nodes do anterior and posterior urethra drain to?

Ant - Sup and deep inguinal
Post - Pelvic nodes

Ta male urethral cancer is?

noninvasive papillary, polypoid, or verrucous

T2 male urethral cancer is?

Invades corpus spongiosum, prostate, or periurethral muscle

T3 male urethral cancer is?

Invades cavernosum, ant vagina, bladder neck, beyond prostate capsule

Describe the N staging for male urethral cancer

N1 - single node <2cm
N2 - single node 2-5 or multiple <5
N3 - node >5

Is ant or posterior urethral cancer more amenable to surgical resection?


T/F prophylactic or early ILND has been shown to have benefit with anterior urethral cancer?

F - only indicated with palpable nodes

What is the incidence of urethral recurrence after cutaneous diversion?


What is the incidence of urethral recurrence after orthotopic diversion?


What are etiologies of female urethral cancer?

Leukoplakia, chronic irritation, caruncles, polyps, HPV

What percentage of female urethral cancer occurs in a diverticulum

Higher incidence of adeno

What is the division of the female urethra?

Ant - distal 2/3 (can be excised without compromising continence)
Post - proximal 1/3

Female post urethral cancer primarily drains to what lymph nodes?

Ext iliac, then hypogastric and obturator

What is the histology of female urethral cancer?

SCC - 50-70%
Adeno - 25% (increased in urethral diverticulum)
TCC - 10%

T/F distal female urethral tumors have a better prognosis than proximal


What are prognostic factors for local control and survival of female urethral cancer?

Location and extent of primary tumor

T/F there is a survival benefit to prophylactic ILND for female urethral cancer


Treatment for female distal urethral cancer

Circumferential urethectomy
ILND if palp nodes

Treatment for female proximal urethral cancer

Anterior exent with PLND
Often multimodal therapy
Rad+Chemo(5-FU and MMC for SCC, MVAC for TCC) or Rad+surgery

What increases the likelihood of urethral cancer recurrence with a cutaneous diversion?

Prostatic stromal invasion

What is the only GU neoplasm that is more common in females than males?

Urethral cancer

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