16 terms

Latin Exam 6/6/12

1st Declension
A, Ae, Ae, Am, A, A {-} Ae, Arum,Is , As , Is, Ae
2nd Declension
Us/Er, I, O, Um, O, Us/Er {-} I Orum, Is, Os, Is, I
3rd Declension
-, Is, I, Em, E, - {-} Es, Um, Ibus, Es, Ibus, Es
1st Conjugation
ā (long a)
2nd Conjugation
ē (long e)
3rd Conjugation
e (short e)
4th Conjugation
ī (long i)
I, Isti, It <-> Imus, Istis, Erunt
Bam, Bas, Bat <-> Bamus, Batis, Bant
Imperfect to be
eram, eras, erat (=) eramus, eratis, erant
Perfect to be
fui, fuisti, fuit (=) fuimus, fuistis, fuerunt
Plu Perfect to be
fueram, fueras, fuerat (*) fueramus, fueratis, fuerant
Define imperfect
was ing (i was traveling)
Define perfect
I ed (I traveled)
Define plu perfect
I had ed (I had traveled)
Define future perfect
I will have ed (I will have traveled)