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5th hour Day:2 test

is the speed and direction of an object in motion?


the unit for force is the newton which stands for?

1kg*m/s squared

The net force of an object is measured by multiplying its mass times its acceleration?

Newton's 2nd law

amt. of water displaced by an object is equal to the buoyant force acting upon the object?

Archimedes principle

an object at rest will remain at rest or an object in motion will remain in motion unless an outside force acts upon it.

Newton's 1st law

the speed of a fluid is inversely proportional to the amount of pressure that fluid exerts

Bernoulli's principle

an airplane uses a curved wing called an _____ to create a lift


a gas less dense than air


_____ gravity and friction are always acting on you.

air pressure

an increase in thermal energy causes

thermal expansion

the lack of kinetic energy occurs at

absolute zero which is -273 degrees celsius

a teeter totter is an example of

1st class lever

a wheelbarrow is an example of

2nd class lever

a broom, rake, hockey stick, fishing rod

3rd class lever

as the fluid rises it cools and _____ in density


e=mc squared is the equation devised by

Albert Einstein

a joule stands for







.62 mile



1 mile


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