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Vestibular outcome measures


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4 Square Step test: ICF, cut offs
ICF: activity
cutoffs: >12 sec
Dynamic Gait Index: ICF, MCID, cut offs?
ICF: activity
MCID: 4pts
Fall cut off <19/24
Head Impulse Test/Head Thrust test: ICF, tests what areas of vestibular system, what indicates a positive test, better for peripheral or central?
ICF: body structure
-test angular VOR, horizontal SCC, superior vestibular nerve fxn & vestibular hypofunction
-better for peripheral, and better than head shaking test
Dynamic Visual Acuity: ICF, bet for what populations, tests what area, best for central/peripheral, normal test is what?
ICF: body structure
best for acute or chronic
tests VOR function, visual acuity, gaze stability,
normal is <2 lines lost while turning head at 2Hz
ABC scale: ICF, correlated with what measure?
ICF: activity/participation
correlated with DHI
Dizziness Handicap inventory: ICF, best for what populations?
ICF: body structure, activity, participation
best for peripheral, central or BPPV
change of 17 points or more indicates a change in self-perceived disability
Roll test: ICF, tests what areas/populations, best done before what other test?
ICF: body structure
tests BPPV acute or chronic
test horizontal canalisthasis/cupulolisthasis
best done before bow and lean test
Bow and Lean test: test/dx what?
tests horizontal canal BPPV to determine which side is affected
Movement Sensitivity Quotient: ICF, tests what areas?
ICF: body structure, activity
tests persons with dizzy, somatosensation, spatial orientation, vertigo, autonomic sxs, high level mobility and transfers
Head Shaking Nystagmus Test: ICF, tests for which disorder?
ICF: body structure
test for peripheral unilateral hypofunction
Sidelying Semont Test: best used to diagnosis? why would it be used?
diagnosis BPPV
use if cervical ROM is limited and can't perform Dix hallpike
Vestibular Rehab Benefit Questionnaire: ICF, measures what? best for what populations
ICF: body structure, activity, participation
measures dizziness, anxiety, balance, motion sensitivity, ADL's life satisfaction, QOL
-best for acute, chronic peripheral/central d/o, BPPV