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Multipler Sclerosis Outcome Measures


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MSWS - 12: ICF, specific populations, high score=?, scores for indicating falls?
ICF: Activity (gait)
Used for EDSS 3.5-6.5 (ambulators w/limitations)
high score = more diability
75 = at least 1 fall in 3 months
58 = no falls
2 Min walk test: ICF, scores for needing AD, MDC (nsg home, elderly)? norms?
ICF: activity
>40m - need AD >80m no AD
MDC: elderly -12.2; nsg home- 19.8
norms: EDSS 1.5-4 amb 173m
EDSS 4.5-6.5 - 104m
6 minute walk test: ICF, MCD, cut offs for severe, moderate, mild ?
ICF: activity
severe MS: 378m
moderate 496m
mild 595m
Dizziness Handicap inventory: ICF, cut offs for fallers, best for what setting
ICF: body, activity, participation
<59 - non faller
>59 - faller
best for outpatient
DGI: ICF, MDC, fall cut offs, comparison to Berg, DHI, ABC
ICF: activity
fall cut off <12 predict fall risk; 13= fallers, 17 =no fallers
not as sensitive as DHI, ABC or Berg
Fatigue Scale for motor and cognitive functions: ICF, correlated with what other measures?
ICF: body structure (fatigue - self report)
correlates with FSS and MFIS
Timed 25ft walk test: ICF, norms?
ICF: activity
norms: healthy 3.7sec MS: 4.4sec (EDSS 0-5.5)
Timed UP and Go: mean score for MS?
mean score 13.9sec;
good correlation with step count, BBS, 10MWT
Hauser Ambulation index: ICF, score range, correlated with what other measures
ICF: activity (gait/transfers)
0 - no disability
3- (walk indep 25ft in <20sec)
4- requires unilateral support
5- requires bilateral support
7- walking limited to several steps, uses wc
9 - wc bound
correlated with Rivermead, ABC, DGI, TUG, Berg
Guys Neurological Disability Scale: ICF, score range, MCID, what does it measure?
ICF: body structure, participation
ranges 0 (no disability) - 60 (max disability)
self report scale measures dizzy, fatigue, mm pain, gait & self care
Goal Attainment Scale: ICF, MCID, score change # indicates what, what does it measure?
ICF: body, activity, participation
MCID: 17
change of >10 predicted those who respond well to spasticity management programs
measures how well pts goals are met
Min Inspiratory/Expiratory Pressure: ICF, correlated with what other measurments? what does it measure?
ICF: body
correlated with EDSS and disease duration along with cough peak flow, MVV, RV, FVC, max work capacity
measures max pressure insp and exp mm can exert
MSIS - 29: ICF, best for what settings? measures what? how is it scored?
ICF: participation
best for any setting and any disability
measures 20 physical items, 9 psych, self report
scored 1(not at all) to 5(extremelty) and converted to 1-100=high disability)
Functional Assessment of MS: ICF, what does it measure? best for what populations? norms?
ICF: body, activity, participation
measures Cognition, Incontinence, Pain; QOL; Sleep; Social Relationships
best for MS pts EDSS <6
norms: ~110 (higher score =better QOL)
VO2 max, VO2 peak: increased score correlates with what?
1 pt in rease in EDSS correlates with 2mL/kg/min change in VO2max
MS Functional Composite: ICF, correlated with what other measures? MCID? best for what setting?
ICF: body, activity (gait, reach/grasp)
correlated with timed 25ft walk, 9HPT, paced auditory serial addition
MCID 15-20%
best for outpatient or research
DIsease Steps: ICF, correlated with what other measure? score ranges?
ICF: Body struture, gait
correlated with EDSS score; includes a 25ft walk
0- wc bound
3 - early cane
5 - bilatearl support
EDSS: ICF, correlated with what other measures, discriminative ability? reliability?
ICF: activity, body, participation
correlated with SF-36, BI, FIM
less discriminative b/w pts at varying levels of disability than FIM or BI
low reliability for EDSS scores
4 square step test: ICF, MCID, cut off? best populations?
ICF: activity
MCID: 32.4%
cut off <16.9 sec
mostly used in PD, elderly, stroke and vestibular d/o
Modified Faitgue Impact Scale: ICF, MCD, score ranges
ICF: body structure
MCD: 16.2
4.6 - without fatigue
38 - with fatigue
scores 0 - 84 (greatest fatigue)
MS International QOL Questionnaire: ICF, scores
ICF: participation, balance, gait, social, ADL