History Final: The United States as a World Power

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key point the Germans provoked the U.S. until they had no choice but to join the war.

The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram are the two major things that brought us into the war. The sinking of the Lusitania, a transport ship that had Americans onboard was shot down by Germans in international waters. The ship was under the British flag but the Germans had said months earlier that they would begin unrestricted submarine warfare and anyone helping the allies would be attacked. So began the outcry for revenge, much like with the sinking of the Maine.

But for the entire war the allies had blocked German and central power ports, and even prevented US trade with these countries. In the end the allies were saying that the US needs to join their side now or all will be lost. Basically what the other major problem was traveling at sea under neutrality and keep up trade with both sides.

This didn't sit well with the British who had supremacy in these waters or the Germans, eventually they said the US could not be neutral anymore, it must choose a side. The Germans will attack all ships. The British need the help of the States in the war and trade.

With the Zimmerman telegram it was basically Germany directly asking Mexico to join in the war on the side of the central powers and to attack America. The US didn't like this and it became clear that they needed to take action now. There was also the issue of "preparedness" more leagues were formed that ordered for us to be ready, just in case. Roosevelt lead this march, he wanted us ready for war.