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The Catcher in the Rye


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What does Holden mean when he says D.B. is in Hollywood being a prostitute?
He is making vague movies instead of elaborate stories.
How did Holden let the fencing team down?
He left their equipment on the train and they got stolen.
Who is Holden's History Teacher?
How does Mr.Spencer feel about Holden?
Holden is not making an effort.
How many schools has Holden attended?
What two physical characteristics make Holden look older?
Gray hair and Height.
What reasons does Holden give for disliking Elkton hills so much?
Everyone is Phony.
What does Holden mean by "I'm not illiterate but I read alot."?
He isn't too good in education but contradicting that he is a avid reader.
Who is Ossenburger?
Pencey Prep Alumni
Why does Holden dislike Ossenburger?
He thinks he is phony especially in religion.
Who is Ackley?
A dirty kid that is Holden's neighbor in his dorm room.
How does Holden know Stradlaters date?
Jane was Holden's old neighbor .
In Holden's opinion, why does Pencey Prep serve steak on Saturday night?
So all the can tell their parents that they had a great meal the last night and make the school look good.
What is Ackley's characteristic response whenever he is asked to do something with the other boys?
He needs to know all the information . Whos going? Where? When ?
Who is Stradlater?
Holden's roommate .
What does he look like?
Stradlater is extremely handsome.
Why doesn't Holden like to be at the movies with Brossard or Ackley?
They laugh like hyenas at things that Holden doesn't find funny.
What does Holden write about for Stradlaters compostion?
His dead brother Allie.
Why did Allie write on his mitt?
He wanted something to do while he was in the dugout.
Why do Holden and Stradlater fight?
Holden thinks Stradlater took advantage of Jane.