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Geography of Greece


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Why is Greece a peninsula?
It has water on three sides
Why did the ancient Greeks travel by water?
Traveling on mountains was too difficult for them
Why did the ancient Greeks worship Poseidon?
They used the sea for travel and trade
Why was farming in Greece so difficult?
There were many rocks on the land
Why did the Greeks make so much olive oil?
They grew olive trees
Why was it difficult to communicate in Greece?
There were isolated communities because of the mountains
Why did Greek communities sometimes fight each other?
They were fighting over more land
Why did Greek communities start colonies?
There was a shortage of farmland
Where would a good location be to start a colony
a location by a natural harbor
What did all the colonies do for Greek culture?
They spread the culture over many areas
Why was there trade?
To get goods that were needed
Olive oil and Pottery
Exports from the Greek communities
Grain and Metal
Imports from the Greek communities
What did Greek sailors use to steer ships?
Most of the Greek colonies away from the mainland were located where?
by the coast, near the Mediterrean Sea and the Black Sea