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Charlie Gold Rush Quiz

What year was gold discovered in CA
How much did most men make per day working a regular job during the gold rush?
4-8 dollars a day
What are the qualities that make gold popular?
It will not tarnish or rust. It is soft and easy to work with. It can be combined with other metals to make hard objects
when gold is mixed with another metal, what is the result called?
An alloy
How are gold alloys measured?
In Karats
How many Karats is pure gold?
How many Karats is an alloy that is half gold?
Why is gold valuable
because it is scarce and desired
Why is gold used for jewelry
because it is soft and beautiful
What year were the earliest known gold objects made
3500 BCE
What did they call the people in the middle ages who tried to turn metals into gold
When was gold discovered in the new world by europeans?
What peoples in the new world lost their lands to europeans seeking gold?
The aztecs in mexico and the incas in peru
When was the FIRST gold rush in the US, and where?
Georgia in 1828
How did people travel to the western states to find gold?
By foot, wagon, horseback, and ship
What were the two basic ways to get to the gold fields?
By land and by sea.
When did the overland trips to the gold fields begin?
in spring
Why did the overland trips to the gold fields begin in spring? What would happen if they didn't leave in spring?
Because that's when there was enough grass on the plains to feed the animals who pulled the wagons. If they left at at a different time, their animals would starve to death and they would have to leave their supplies. If they left too late they might get caught in the snow.
What was a mining company? About how much did it cost to join one?
When a group of miners got together and purchased supplies and traveled together. $300.
What happened to a lot of the people who tried to go to the gold fields overland?
They died from disease, particularly cholera. Or they tried to take short cuts and died.
What route did the ships that went to the gold fields take?
Either the panama route or the cape horn route.
What was a major danger for the sea route to the gold fields?
un sea-worthy ships with rotting hulls.
What was the panama route. What was the biggest problem with it?
You sailed to panama, marched through the panama jungle to the pacific side, then caught a ship going to san francisco. It got too crowded - there were thousands of gold hunters waiting to catch ships on the pacific side. Also there weren't enough people to be on the crews because the crews kept joining the gold rush!
What were the 4 major dangers for travelers to the gold fields?
1. Disease
2. Short cuts
3. Unseaworthy ships
4. leaving at the wrong time of year
What was the cape horn route to the gold fields?
Sailing from the east coast round the souther tip of south america (called Cape Horn) and north to San Francisco.
How long did the cape horn route take?
8 months
What were the problems with the cape horn route? Why did some people take it anyway?
it was slow, and it was dangerous - many ships crashed into rocks. It was the best way to get lots of supplies to the oil fields.
What was the greatest danger to people going to the gold fields?
Dishonest people who promised quick, safe transportation but did not deliver.
What is a mining pan, what's it for, and how is it used?
It is used for mining gold, you scoop sand in the pan and swish it around until the gravel washes out and the gold remains. It was used to test a new site for gold.
A mining device. It's made of wood and looks like a cradle. A perforated steel plate covers the top and there are strips of wood called riffles in the bottom. Gold collected in the riffles. It was operated by two or three men.
wooden trough 12-25 feet long. One end widened at the bottom. Looks ilke a canoe. A steel plate covered the wider end with riffles under the plate. Water from a stream ran through the trough and gold collected in the riffles
How much better was a long tom than a rocker
4-5 times better.
Coyote mining
Some gold was found deep underground; shafts could be up to 150 feet deep.
what were the problems with Hydraulic mining
It ruined the environment and only large companies could afford it. It also scared away the game.
What kind of mining used high-powered hoses on the sides of mountains
hydraulic mining
Where was gold discovered in CA
Sutter's mill
when was gold discovered at Sutter's mill
jan 24 1848
Who did John Sutter hire to build a saw mill
James Marshall
Who ran around SF telling people about the discovery of gold
Sam brennan
who was president during the gold rush
James Polk
What were prospectors going to CA called?
What is the Calaveras nugget
a 162 pound nugget
How much was the calaveras nugget worth?
What was the mother lode?
A large deposit of gold that yielded $250,000 worth of gold
What were the problems created in CA by the gold rush
A sudden boom in population that made supplies scarce and increased prices. An egg was $3 and a barrel of flour was $800.
What did miners do for law and order
They would make their own laws and elect officers at a camp meeting. They had their own trials and enforced their own laws.
What was staking a claim?
The area of land a miner could mine
How big was a claim? how did miners actually stake their claims? How did they keep them?
100 square feet at the richer sites and as much as 10,000 square feet at the poorer sites. They marked their area by driving a stake into the ground and filing a claim with the camp recorder. You could keep your claim as long as you worked it at least one day in three and never left for more than 10 days
What were punishments in mining camps?
Hanging for big crimes like theft and murder. Flogging and getting kicked out for lesser crimes like petty theft.
Was justice fair in the camps?
Sometimes. Some judges just wanted to collect fines, and many were unfair to minorities.
What nationalities could be found in the camps?
Native americans, latin americans, chinese, and others
Why was mining bad for native americans?
their lands were stolen and destroyed, and the wildlife was scared away.
what were miners from mexico and south america called? Why was life hard for them?
chilenos. they were often robbed and had to pay high taxes, and when their claims were rich they had to give them up
What was life like for the chinese miners?
They got the worst treatment. THey could only mine where no one wanted or where white people had already mined. They were beaten and had their businesses destroyed.
what was the comstock lode
discovered in 1859 in nevada by henry comstock. It produced more than $400,000,000 in silver and gold
Who founded the comstock lode
mclaughlin and o'riley
Why was it hard to mine the comstock lode
It was in hard rock 4 miles long, 3000 feet wide and 3000 feet deep. expensive to mine
What was the colorado gold rush
it was in 1858 at cherry creek, 1859 at clear creek
when was colorado made a territory? When was it made a state?
1876 - state
When was the australian gold rush and who started it?
1851 by edward hargraves.
Why did australian gold miners have fewer problems than the americans?
Australia was an english colony so their camps had laws and government. Every camp had a gold commissioner and all miners had to register their claims.
What was unusual about the gold in the australian gold rush?
The nuggets were huge. Between 1853 and 1854 several large pieces of solid gold weighing as much as 82 pounds were found. The "Welcome Stranger" was 140 pounds.
When was the alaska gold rush
How did the alaska gold rush start?
The Portland and Excelsior ships arrived in San Francisco bay with miners loaded with gold.
What was special abut the alaska gold rush?
It was the hardest for the miners. The weather was cold, and there was a lot of disease, little food, and few supplies.
How many people tried to get to the gold fields in dawson, alaska? How many made it?
200,000 tried, 30,000 made it.
What were some of the other states with gold rushes?
South Dakota, Montana, and Ohio
What was special about the South Dakota Gold rush?
It was on Sioux land. The sioux fought back and eventually they were forced to give up their land in 1877.