Computers and The Internet

Mixed Information About The Internet And Computers

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A home network is an example of a __________.
Web pages are stored on a __________.
Telephone service over the internet is known as __________.
What type of media downloads while it's playing?
The speed of an internet connection is known as its _________.
Which type of internet service uses existing phone lines and allows simultaneous internet and phone usage?
A URL is usually typed in a browser's __________.
Address bar
What is tabbed browsing used for?
To keep multiple web pages open in the same window
The words you type into a search bar are known as __________.
Search terms
___________ appear while you're typing to help you improve your search.
Search suggestions
A ________ is a predefined combination of colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to your presentation.
You can insert text into _______ and text boxes.
You can insert a picture using the Insert Picture command located on the Insert tab and in some __________________.
_________ an underlined word to display a menu of spelling options.
The _________ view is where you create and edit your slides.
When you insert a table, PowerPoint automatically applies a ________ to the table that blends with the color scheme of the theme.
Table Style
A PowerPoint chart is updated automatically whenever the _____________ changes.
Excel source data
Click _________ in the Animations group to open the Custom Animation task pane.
Custom Animation
The ________stores information about the theme and allows you to easily make changes to all slides or a specific slide layout.
Slide Master
A ________ is a connection from one slide to a web page, email address, slide, or file.
You must _______ the object or objects before you can align, group, rotate, or order them.
You can change the indention and line spacing settings in the _______ dialog box.
A __________ is the movement you see when one slide changes to another in slide show view.
Transition Effect
The most popular operating system for personal computers is ________.
Microsoft Windows
Instead of a mouse, many laptops use a(n) ________.
The main circuit board in a computer is called the ________.
PDA is short for ________.
Personal Digital Assistant
Peripherals that can be instantly recognized by your computer are known as ________.
Plug and play
To navigate through different folders in Windows, you'll use ________.
Windows Explorer
To guard against malware, you will need to have ________.
Antivirus software
If a Windows program has become unresponsive, which keys do you press to open the Task Manager?
Control, Alt, Delete
____________ allows you to set up a home network in Windows 7 for sharing files and printers.
It is best to download and run the _________________ on your computer to analyze your system before upgrading.
Windows Upgrade Advisor
scores on the Windows Experience Index will enable you to use the Aero features on Windows 7?
A ____________ is a "mini-menu" of performance tasks for an icon on the Taskbar.
Jump List
Customizing the _____________ settings will have the greatest effect on your ability to read text on your computer screen.
_____________ puts a temporary lock on the computer when changes are being made to the computer's settings.
User Account Control
When multiple accounts are used
Each user can customize certain account settings
Only ________ accounts can have Parental Controls.