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salmon, tuna, halibut
Which species of fish are at risk?
Which grocery store does Greenpeace consider most best in terms of fish sustainability? Fred Meyer, Costco, Wal-Mart, or Safeway?
According to the Washington Post, at current rates the world will runout of seafood in 2048, 2021, or 2037?
Buy and consume less seafood.
What can you do to personally make an immediate impact on overfishing?
Which type of unregulated fishing practice churns up the sea floor, destroying ocean habitats in the process of catching fish? Bycatch, trawling, long-line fishing, pots and traps?
The percentage of worlds' fisheries that are currently being threatened is: 10%, 25%, 50% 80%?
Rights-based fishery
The C. concholepas population off of the coast of Chile has been sucessfully restored thanks to which sustainable method? Catch and release, sustainable farming, rights-based fishery, marine protected area?
True or False: Buying fish for a home aquarium has nothing to do with sustainable fishing.
True or False: Apps are available for smartphones to help you make good choices when dining out or when grocery shopping.
Rates of by-catch and methods to mitigate by-catch are criteria used by watch-dog organizations such as GreenPeace and Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch to evaluate sustainable fishing practices.