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Kateland Roj.
3 Rules at Beginning of Customer Call
KNOW- Call customer by name
RELATE- Use brief communication to create one-to-one connection between you & your customer
UNDERSTAND- Determine customer's level of knowledge about computers to know how to effectively communicate with customer.
500 Kbps
Kilobits per second- Rate of speed in transferring data
54 Mbps
Megabits per second- Rate of speed in transmission over computer networks.
Active Listening
Allows customer to tell whole story occasionally inject small words/phrases to let customer know that you are there and listening.
Software program that displays advertising on a computer usually distributed with download software.
Substance used for cleaning computers.
Antistatic Packaging
Includes an antistatic mat and strip which is used to protect against static electricity.
Light to see hardware inside computer.
Bench Technicians
Does not work directly with customers; performs computer warranty service.
Power-on selft test; executed when computer is turned on; provides access to computer.
Wireless industry standard uses an unlicensed radio hard disk frequency for short-range communication enabling portable devices to communicate over short distances.
Multiple signals using multiple frequencies over one cable.
Improving perf. of computer by storing frequently used data in location.
Call center priorities
1)Down 2)Hardware, Software, & Network 3) Enhancement
Compressed air
Air under pressure in a can that blows dust off of a computer components without creating static (canned air).
Quality of being beilievable or worthy of trust.
(Customer Replaceable Unit) component that customers may install at their location.
Custom Installation
Installing features of software program that user wants on hard drive.
Daisy chain
Group of connectivity devices linked together in a serial fashion.
Default Installation
(Typical installation) installation that requires minimal user interaction.
Device driver error
Device is incompatible with computer; shows up as a message.
Disk Cleanup
Disk management software that is used to clear space on a hard drive by searching for files that can be safely deleted, such as temporary internet files.
Disk Defrag
Recognizes files on a computer hard disk so the operating system runs more effieciently.
Disk Management
System utility used to manage hard drives and partitions, such as initializing disks, creating partitions, & formatting partitions.
Down call
The company cannot operate with any computer equipment.
Partition used to connect computers between each other.
(Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) a special type of PROM that retains its contents without power. Exposing EEPROM to an electrical charge will erase its contents.
Electrostatic Discharge
(ESD) discharge of static electricity from one conductor to another conductor of a different potential.
Respect for customer's privacy; pertains to right & wrong.
Expansion cards
A circuit board inserted in slot on motherboard to enhance capability.
(IEEE 1394, i.Link, LHOC) high-speed platform independent communication bus interconnects digital devices such as digital video cameras, printers, scanners, digital cameras, & hard drive.
First priority on job
Find out customer's problem.
Flame war
2 or 3 members stop discussing an issue & simply insult each other.
Flash memory
Rewritable memory chip that retains data after the power is turned off.
(Field-Replacable Unit) component that a trained service technician may install a remote location.
Gather data from computer
Find signs of issues with computer to solve problem.
Physical electronic components that make up a computer system.
Heat sink fan
Device that dissipates heat from electronic components into surrounding air.
Input device
Data entered into computer through devices (keyboard, scanner, mouse)
Device that converts DC to AC.
Laptop RAM
SODIMM (type of memory)
Level 1 technician
Gathers info. pertinent from the customer documents info.
Level 2 technician
Receives escalated work order with description of problem.
Lithium Ion
Rechargable battery used in cell phones and laptop computers.
Prevents unauthorized access to local computers and network.
Etiquette guidelines for proper posting forums and communicating over internet.
Abbreviation for nickel cadmium.
Nickel Cadmium
Rechargeable battery commonly used to power cameras.
Nickel metal hydride
Moderate weight for computer that shuts down or recharges at once.
Abbreviation for Nick metal hydride.
The best questioning method a technician can use to gather info. to resolve a problem.
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Company that made/created equipment originally.
Outlook Express
Email software application that comes with internet explorer.
Output Device
Displays info. produced by computer/carries out info. (monitor, printer, speakers)
To divide memory/mass storage into isolated or logical sections.
General software security update to correct bugs.
Type of spam intended to persuade sender with info. to obtain access to personal info. of recipient.
(Post-Office Protocol) protocol used to retrieve email from a mail server.
(Power-on Self Test) diagnostic test of memory & hardware when system is powered up.
Preventive maintenance
Regular and systematic inspection, cleaning & replacement of worn parts, materials, and systems.
Quick Solutions
Short fixes to solve problems on computer.
(Redundant Array of Independent Disks) provides fault tolerance to prevent loss of data info.
System wide database used by the windows OS to store info.and settings for hardware, software, users, and preferences on system.
Research Tools for Diagnosing
Personal experience, scripts, websites, search engines, online FAQS, coworkers, support vendors, diagnostic repair tools, email, manufacturer manuals.
Restore Point
Utility in Microsoft's windows ME, XP, and Vista OS.
(Remote Installation Services) ability to download a windows OS installation across network.
Security Policy
Written doc. states organization's plan to protect IT assets.
Service Level agreement
Contract that defines expectations between oragnization and the service vendor to provide an agreed upon level of support.
Show file extensions
tells what program created file (myreport.txt)
written doc. of name that is recognizable.
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) transmission of email from one comp. to another.
Social engineer
able to gain access to equipment or network by tricking people into giving personal info.
(Small Outline Dual In-line Memory) type of memory for laptops.
to gain access to resources on devices by pretending to be a trusted computer.
malware that monitors activity on computer.