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Any push or pull which can cause something to change it's motion


A change in position in relation to an object

Frame of Reference

An object or point from which motion is determined


What is the most common frame of reference?


Inertia is a property of _______.


The tendency of an object to resist any change in it's motion.


The greater the mass, the _______ the inertia.


The greater the speed, the ______ the inertia.

Law of Inertia

An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an outside force.


Push or a pull


Force is a vector quantity and requires __________.


Forces are measured in _________.

Net force

The sum af all forces acting on an object.

balanced, unbalanced

Forces can be ________ or __________.

equal, opposite

Balanced forces are _____ in size and _________ in direction.


Unbalanced forces are ____ equal in size and/or direction.

change, motion

No net forces equal no ________ in _________.

constant velocity

EF=0 when an object is at __________ __________.

outside force

If EF=0, then there is no ________ ___________.

Static Equilibrium

Equilibrium for an object at rest.

Dynamic Equilibrium

Equilibrium for a moving object.


Rate of change in velocity

Change in Velocity/Time interval

Equation for acceleration.


Units for acceleration

outside force

To cause an acceleration on an object there must be an _______ _______.

Speeding up, Slowing down, and Changing direction

What are the 3 different forms of acceleration?

the net force

Acceleration is a vector quantity and is always in the direction of ____ _______ ________.

Free Fall

Falling without air resistance


In free fall, _______ is the only force acting upon the object causing the object to change it's velocity.

9.8 m/sec

By how much does an object increase it's speed by in free fall?


The force of gravity experienced by an object is dependent upon the ______ of that object.


All objects in free fall have the ______ acceleration.


Amount of matter in an object


Mass is always ______ at any place at any time.


Mass is measured in ___ .


Mass is measured using a ____________.


Force which a given mass feels due to the gravity at it's place.


Weight depends on the ________ of the place.


Weight is measured in __.


Weight is measured using a ______.

Air Resistance

The result of collions of the objects' leading surface with air molecules.

surface area, speed

Air Drag depends on ________ ______ & _________.


The force per unit area that is exerted on an object.


Formula for pressure?


Units for pressure?


Used to measure atomospheric pressure.


Force of a fluid that pushes upon an object.

Archimedes Principle

The buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

Bernoulli's Principle

The pressure in a moving stream of fluid is less than the pressure in the surrounding fluid.

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