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Astronomy Grade 9 science


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Is Pluto a planet
Who came up with the gravity theory
Isaac Newton
What is a comet
Rock and ice with a tail orbit in the sun
How olds the sun
4.5 billion years old
What did Johannes Kepler discover
Three major laws of planetary motion
What did Edmund Halley predict
A comet would come
Name the thing that make up are solar system
Sun Mercury Venus earth Mars as triode belt Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune kuiper belt
Mercury fact
Smooth surface
Venus fact
Hottest planet in the solar system
Earth fact
Has life
Mars fact
Is red because of amount of iron
Jupiter fact
Has red spot made of gas
Saturn fact
Has big ring
Uranus fact
Really blue
Neptune fact
How hots the sun
15 000 000 degrees Celsius
What are the dark spots on the sun
Cold places
Plant diameter calculations
Relative Diameter x earth diameter
Plant orbital radius
Relative orbital radius x earth orbital radius
Planet mass
Relative mass x earth mass
What will be the fate of are sun
It will hydrogen then run out of helium then burn in a shell surrounding the core
Low mass star
Orange then red then white or black dwarfs
Intermediate mass stars
Yellow orange then becomes a red giant or nebula then white or black dwarf
Massive star
Starts white or blue stars then becomes a super giant then a super nova then a black hole or Newton star
Solar nebula theory
It describes The formation of are solar system from a nebula cloud.
How do planets orbit are solar system
The gravity of the sun keeps the planets in their orbit
What's a Spector scope
A device for producing and observing Spector of radiation from any source
How long do low mass stars live
100 billion years
How long do intermediate stars live
10 billion years
How long do massive stars live
7 million years
What's luminosity measured in
Is a star larger than a dim star
Define light
Form of radiation
Is an orange star colder or is the blue star
List six types of electro magnetic waves
Radio waves micro waves infered radiation ultra violet waves x-Rays gamma rays
Name then sun centre model from closets to furthest
Mercury Venus earth and moon Mars Jupiter Saturn
Name the earth centre model from closet to furthest
Moon Mercury Venus sun Mars Jupiter Saturn
Hertsprung-Russell diagram out of your eyes for left and right
White dwarfs bottom left intermediate mass centre bottom right low mass top left massive stars top around centre super Giants over white dwarfs red Giants