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AP US Practice 2

the roots of intolerance that influenced the 1920s can best be seen in all of the following EXCEPT
the conviction and execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for passing on atomic secrets to the Soviets
in the 1920s the reborn Ku Klux Klan
turned its wrath on Catholics, Jews, immigrants, and blacks
keynesian economics
is synonymous with the Roosevelt administration's deficit spending to stimulate the economy
which of the following was NOT part of the coalition that comprised the Populists in teh late 19th century?
grain-elevator operations
which of the following was NOT a problem that faced the US immediately after the end of WWII
rebuilding sections of the nation that had been destroyed by the war
Richard Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, was forced to resign his office because
as governor of Maryland he had received payoffs from businessmen, which he did not report to the IRS
in the mid-19th century, strong opposition arose in the US to immigrants who came from
Ireland and Germany
which of the following is consistent wtih President Lincoln's attitudes about slavery
he sought to contain the spread of slavery, not abolish it
the emancipation proclamation
abolished slavery in those states that were in open rebellion against the US government
which of the following statements about the flow chart above, which shows the evolution of the major parties, is INCORRECT
the democrats evolved from the whigs
general douglas macarthur was dismissed as commander of UN forces fighting in the korean war because
he publicly criticized president truman's handling of the war
the taft-hartley act
was passed by a republican congress over president truman's veto
which of th efolloiwng is NOT associated wth radical republican reconstruction
jim crow laws
which of the following initially supported the new deal but later became a harsh critic of roosevelt an dthe new deal
father charles coughlin
this labor union was formed right after the end of the civil war and was the first major union to organize workers regardless of their race, gender, or skill level
national labor union
all of the following acts were passed in order to promote britain's mercantilist policy EXCEPT
the virginia resolutions
the treaty of trodesillas
was the papacy's plan to prevent conflict between portugal and spain as a result of their competition to acquire colonies
the populist party platform included all of th efollowing EXCEPT
a gold- and silver-based currency
which of the following is associated with the post-WWII civil rights movement
brown v. board of education of topeka, kansas
which of the following is associated with the transcendentalist movement
henry david thoreau
which of the following did NOT occur during the Cold War
the palmer raids
this supreme court case upheld a state law limiting maximum working hours for women
muller v. oregon
the impressments of american sailors was an important cause of
the war of 1812
all of the following are groups of contemporaries EXCEPT
thomas jefferson, henry clay, william mckinley
the gag resolution was adopted by the US senate in order to
prevent senators from discussing abolitionist proposals
the first southern state to be readmitted into the union during reconstruction was
as a result of the spanish-american war, which of the following was ceded to the US
the philippines
which of the following is NOT associated with the presidency of jimmy carter
limited test ban treaty
booker t. washington
believed that blacks should forgo political equality until they achieved economic success
the federal reserve act
was the first major reform of th nation's banking system since the civil war
geraldine ferraro
was the first woman to run for vice president
which of the following statemetns best articulates president andrew jackson's policy towards native americans
jackson favored a policy whereby native americans would be forced to migrate west
which of the following best articulates the meaning of the monroe doctrine
it warned the european powers not to attempt recolonization in the western hemisphere
marcus garvey's universal negro improvement association
found considerable support among blacks in northern urban areas
in order to ensure that his reform programs would not be ruled unconstitutional by the conservative majority on the supreme court, this president attempted to increase the number of supreme court justices from nine to fifteen
franklin d. roosevelt
in the 19th centruy the federal government helped to settle the great plains with the passage of this act
the homestead act
in 1911 a horrific fire that killed over 140 workers, many young women, an dled to reforms that addressed lax building codes occurred at the factory of which company
triangle shirtwaist company
which of the following statements best describes the US government's policy in the spanish civil war
the US maintained a policy of neutrality
thsi president sent a naval force to fight against the barbary pirates
thomas jefferson
"article III: th egovernment of cuba consents that the US may exercise the right to intervene for the preservation of cuban independence..." this is an excerpt from
the platt amendment
which one of th efollowing did president andrew jackson veto because he maintained it was unconstitutional
the maysville road bill
which fo the following is NOT associated with the war in vietnam
the pentagon papers
the albany congress of 1754 was an assembly of seven colonies that sought to improve relations with which native american tribe
were members of a southern faction of th edemocratic party who opposed their party's 1948 platform on civil rights
which of the following best characterizes the south in the antebellum period
the south was opposed to a high protective tariff
put the following in the correct order: 1 mexican cession 2 louisiana purchas 3 adams-onis treaty 4 gadsden purchas
2, 3, 1, 4
the elkins act of 1903
strengthened the interstate commerce act of 1887
critics referred to this as seward's folly
the purchas of alaska fromt he russians in 1867
in which of the following nations did the US NOT intervene in the early 20th centry
the essex decision, th leopard-chesapeake incident, and the berlin decree are all associated with events that led to
the war of 1812
which of the following statemetns about the table above is INCORRECT
the largest number of slaveowners owned between five and nine slaves
in the election of 1884 the republican party was divided into conservative and reform-minded factions known as
mugwumps na half-breeds
"muchrakers" weas a derisive term used by theodore roosevelt to describe
journalists whom he claimed were sensationalizing their stories of corrupt business practices
in his farewell address washinton recommended that
the united states should maintain a policy of neutrality with othe rnations
which of the following played a major role in the first great awakening
george whitefield
this event took place in 1794 when pennsylvania farmers refused to pay an excise tax
the whiskey rebellion
the first united states secretary of war (now defense) was
henry knox
which of the following would an advocate of states' rights NOT use to support his view
the compact theory of government
one of the most famous perspectives in the study of US history is frederick jackson turner's frontier thesis, in which he claims that
the western frontier stimulated the growth of democracy
which of th efollowing was NOT a border state in the antebellum period and the civil war era
"from stettin in the baltic to trieste in the adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the continent." what did british prime minister winston churchill mean when he uttered these words in a apeech in 1946
europe was divided between two hostile camps, the communis and non-communist nations
which statement accurately reflects the information regarding the occupational distribution of working women from 1900 to 1998 in the table above
the percentage of farm workers has steadily declined from 1900 to 1998
this early-20th-century leader for educational reform espoused a "learn by doing' approach to education. he was also greatly influenced by a theory of educational knowledge known as pragmatism
horace mann
upton sinclair's the jungle convinced congress to
pass the pure food and drug act
a major riot occurred in new york city in july 1863. one of the causes of the riot was
strong opposition to the military draft
an example of government corruption in the post-reconstructions era is
the teapot dome scandal
the constitutional convention's great compromise of 1787 addressed
how states would be represented in congress
the republican party in the antebellum period comprised all of the following except
southern planter-slaveholders
charles fremont
was the republican party's first presidential candidate
which of the following is the name for president harry truman's reform program
the fair deal
which of the following actions did president eisenhower take during his two terms as president
he sent troops to integrate little rock, arkansas' central high school in 1957
which of the following made a significant contribution to assembly-line mass production
henry ford
the keating-owen act of 1916
barred from interstate commerce products made by child labor under the age of fourteen
at the end of the american revolution (1783) the US border extended to
the mississippi river
native americans received their citizenship rights as a result of
an act of congress in 1924
which of the following groups of political leaders was opposed to US entry into WWI
jeanette rankin, robert la follette, george norris
in 1947 president truman responded to the request from two nations for military assistance to fight communist groups attempting to overthrow
greece and turkey
which of the following is NOT associated with a slave rebellion
ludlow massacre
W.E.B. du bois was instrumental in helping to establish the
contress of racial equality