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The belief that people should be loyal mainly to their nation


An independant unit of people having a common culture or identity.


The practice of tough power politics without room for idealism

Facors of Production

The resources that are needed to produce goods and services.


An association of workers, formed to bargin for better working conditions and higher wages.


To refuse to work


An economic system based on private ownership and on the ivestment of money in business in order to make a profit.


A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries, politically, or socially.


The belief one race is superior to another

Social Darwinsim

Charles idea of "Survival of the fittest"

Berlin Conference

Meeting of agreement rules of European, colonization of Africa.


A policy in which a nation forces a subject adopt to a new culture.


Policy of glorifying military power

Western Front

Region where forces of the Allies and Centraal powers fought

Trench Warfare

A form of warfare in which opposing armies fight each other from treches dug in the battlefield

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